Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew if Hikaru’s family or extended family was okay..

Hikaru moved from Miyagi, which is one of the cities that got affected by the tsunami and earthquake.. I know he himself is okay, but I was just wondering if his family was okay too..

Anyway, pray for Japan ❤


Hikaru’s family is safe but as for his friends, apparently he still haven’t gotten in contact with them. You can read more here.



June 18, 2010

It’s been a long time since my last post and a lot has happened. I haven’t been keeping up to date with HSJ and I apologize. To tell you the truth, I’m thinking about giving up my position as the archiver. If you’re interested in taking over, e-mail me or leave a comment.

On another note, I recently got a tablet and to practice using it, I did some fanart. Well actually it’s based off of a shop photo. lol.. guess who it is! (without looking at the tags..)

credit to me! Entirely drawn on Photoshop~

credits to ai-star @ LJ

Yay! New translation! since.. like.. last year. XD. Anyway, it’s a bit old, but I hope you enjoy it.

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Hurrah! Hurrah! Hikaru’s goals are starting to become reality!!

According to stevenica, on Hi! Hey! Say! recently, Hikaru reveals he’s going to be in a drama and he’s going to be a yankee~ lol. Personally, I don’t know man.. bad boy Hikaru? lol.. Well, we’ll just have to see. Hope his acting doesn’t flop like Takaki’s.. Anyway, he’ll be in the same drama as  and Tackey and Nishikido Ryo called, Orthros Dog, coming out this July. XD XD yay~

The director also did Kinpachi-sensei season 7…. mmm… I really need to be a better fangirl.. lol.. I didn’t even know Hikaru was in any significant dramas but that totally makes sense since they had Hikaru be the sensei at the concert. I was wondering about that.. XD

oh and stevenica said that Yabu wrote the lyrics to a song and Hikaru composed for the song and apparently it’s a love song. Can’t wait to hear it! Didn’t both of them write, “Go!” ?

Hey everyone~

As a comeback piece to be back in the HSJ translating world, we of kamiki_crepes translated these~~ If you want the HS7 part, you can find it here. I don’t know whether jump_daisuki was planning to translate HSB’s part, but after reading Hikaru’s part, I had to make it known to the world. XD


BECAUSE OF HIKARU X INOO X YABU LOVE TRIANGLE~~~ oh wait but Keito get’s mentioned too.. so.. LOVE SQUARE?!

Don’t forget to credit kamiki_crepes for the translation! (esp since the other two members did most of Inoo’s translation while I did most of Hikaru’s)

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okay, am I the only one, but was Hikaru acting like a girl, the best part of the concert ever?! XD XD 

Oh and you know the part when he said that the baby photo was the person sitting in B46 in the Yokohama arena. XD. You think it’s a random number he made up or he actually had a friend there? or did some fangirl send him a letter saying that was her seat? XD XD

ooOOOooo the possibilities ❤

Anwyay, I really liked the part when YabuHika were playing on their acoustic guitars for Star Time. ❤

sigh~ Hikaru..


the recent translation in Potato. XD HikaInoo ❤

“Inoo: that’s right. The last one is in Sendai, and that’s good.

Morimoto: That’s Hikaru-kun’s hometown.

Inoo: Yes. I want to see what kind of town Hikaru-kun grew up in.

Yaotome: … that sounds like a comment a girlfriend would make (laughs). “



yeah okay, back to studying for finals. XD

okay wow. Talk about coincidences.. check out this tribute video:

Yes. It is Hikaru and Minho! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I didn’t actually think that someone would also like the exact two people that I liked!! Although I guess maybe it’s because even though they have different personalities and stuff, they’re similar types of guys???


Oh yeah, don’t suppose anyone knows the fanmail address for SHINee?

I know that I can prolly look through the international forums, but is there any HQ scans of the magazine from this video? which I thought was REALLY cute. XD and I loved Minho’s pose… so hot and total drawing material!!!!

sigh~ I really really want to make a clay model of Minho.. such nice bone structure

Here’s a link to the interview at their photoshoot.. no subs though..

Anyone know if anyone subbed the behind the scenes of their reality tv show? sigh, this is making me want to learn korean so I can understand.. aldkfj.

Also, is it just me or are there like 3 or 4 songs in their album that are remakes from other songs? They have similar tunes to other songs I’ve heard before….

Hikaru Graduated!!!

February 21, 2009


Hikaru graduated on Tuesday!!!! HURRAH!~~~ (yeah I know I’m late but life’s been busy recently)

Here’s a translation!

And here are pictures of a fan who was there~ all the credits to her! Read the rest of this entry »

Scans Archive!

February 1, 2009

Creating the HSJ translations archive made me realize that it would be useful for a magazine/pamphlet/photo scan archive since sometimes people would repost what has already been posted, making it really annoying. Plus, this way everyone can figure out what scans are missing and don’t need to bother to search because I already did!

It’s still in progress as I still need to go through other communities and things, BUT most of the HSJ magazine scan links are up. I hope that sometime I’ll include all the other groups, but that’ll take me a while. Anyway if you find any broken links, tell me~ I won’t be able to fix them if I don’t know about them. Also, if some of them aren’t HQ (High Quality) scans, tell me.

Anwyay I think I procrastinated enough.. hope you enjoy the links page!

So just because I take too long translating stuff and I started to translate manga chapters too, I’m going to only do Hikaru’s since he’s my favorite. He’s so cute and romantic. awwwww ❤ Thank you to Diadrei for help and proofreeding <3<3<3 Anyway here’s the original scan by Happytown!


credits to Happytown!

credits to Happytown!

 Onto the translation!

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