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So after performing at Kohaku back in December, JE is putting a lot on the line by making NYC Boys official without their backup group, B.I. Shadow. You can read the official article here.

Although I’m not too surprised that B.I. Shadow isn’t debuting with NYC Boys, since they were just a back up group and didn’t really have as much of a significant part, the fact that NYC is going to be official is a little unnerving.

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yay! people are growing up~

or well.. you know.. they have good friends that are the opposite gender. *gasp* I know, hard to believe right? which is why there’s a rumor going around that Yamada Ryosuke has a girlfriend~ because what else can they be? they hang out with each other all the time so that = a couple, right?

More info here.

On another note, I can’t wait for the day that someone in JE comes out of the closet. loool. xD

Anyway, fangirls, I wouldn’t cry my eyes out because of this rumor. We all know that JE idols are going to be single or at least unmarried until at least 30 because other fangirls are pissed off and well sometimes the agency intervenes so that their sales don’t die. So, relax.

Plus, aren’t most popular songs about heartbreaks? No pain, no gain. It’ll be good experience for Yamada.

Oh wait, they dont’ write their own songs so it wouldn’t matter, huh. (well besides the few in JE that DO write their own songs). Well, I guess it’ll just be good reference material for acting for Yamada.

Scans Archive!

February 1, 2009

Creating the HSJ translations archive made me realize that it would be useful for a magazine/pamphlet/photo scan archive since sometimes people would repost what has already been posted, making it really annoying. Plus, this way everyone can figure out what scans are missing and don’t need to bother to search because I already did!

It’s still in progress as I still need to go through other communities and things, BUT most of the HSJ magazine scan links are up. I hope that sometime I’ll include all the other groups, but that’ll take me a while. Anyway if you find any broken links, tell me~ I won’t be able to fix them if I don’t know about them. Also, if some of them aren’t HQ (High Quality) scans, tell me.

Anwyay I think I procrastinated enough.. hope you enjoy the links page!

Mendol.. ROFLMAO…

December 15, 2008

lol.. oh wow.. The whole concept or plotline of this drama is hilarious and I wonder why no one thought of doing this before.. lol.. It’s basically about how three girls want to be idols but they end up debuting as a male visual kei band or idol. loool. and the hilarious part is that they look like cute guys. lool.. XD totally making fun of the fact that nowadays most girls like cute girly looking guys. loooooool…


Anyway not exactly the type of drama I was looking for but I thought it was worth mentioning about. You can definately tell that they’re the same people but yet at the same time..

DOESN”T THE “GUY” ON THE RIGHT LOOK LIKE CHINEN?! The one in the middle looks like YAMADA!.. or am I the only one that thinks so?

I bet these girls could totally dress up as guys and a bunch of fangirls might mistaken them for Chinen and Yamada.. XD except I’m pretty sure the girls are taller than them so it would be funny if someone mistakes them and was like omg~ Chinen and Yamada grew taller! loool. ahahhah

omg~ FINALLY FINISHED!! after like starting to translate it since september or late august. ugh. Hikaru sure write a lot and dam school makes ppl sooo busy. Anyway thank you pocco_mocco for all the editing cuz my chinese sux.

Anyway Hikaru ❤

And yes this is once again, a translation of Happytown’s chinese translation of the JUMPaper by Hikaru. hurrah. and as usual, please credit pocco-moco and me. Actually just say “credit to kamiki_crepes“. Kamiki_crepes is a new community that we formed to post up all of our translations. I’ll still post up the translations I took part of in here.. but yeah.

BEWARE: it’s LONNNNNNNG!! but it makes you love them all more. ^______^

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Geh. So apparently Yamada Ryosuke is the only individual Johnny’s member that made it to the top 20 list of Yahoo!Japan’s popular searches for the first half of 2008. You can read more about the ranking stuff at Kamichan’s.

I’m sorry, but what~~~~~ Why is Yama-chan so much more popular than all the other JE ppl?! You know, I couldn’t even find a cellphone keychain of the whole group NEWS or ARASHI in China?! I only found Yamapi, Jin, Ryo, Toma and YAMADA. Not even Matsujun or Sho. Can you believe that?! (Although Pocco found a Matsujun keychain for me a year before in HK) I don’t have anything against Yamada. I mean, he’s cute, awesome and talented, but still. sigh. I don’t get it.

Maybe I’m just annoyed that I found Yama-chan, but not Sho-kun or Hikaru-kun…probably.

Although If I think about it now, if I had more time in China, I’m sure I would have found at least ONE store with Sho, not sure about Hikaru though. He hasn’t had as much coverage as the others.

It’s only the Yamada, Inoo, and Yaotome section. It’s Pocco‘s and my first time translating so yep. Oh and we also got help from Kamiki-sensei~ ❤

If you want the scan or check out the original article, click the pic below~ (and of course if you’re using my scan, please credit!)

The topic is “The part fans don’t know” (oh and the stuff in ::gray:: are just my comments or thoughts)

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