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As a comeback piece to be back in the HSJ translating world, we of kamiki_crepes translated these~~ If you want the HS7 part, you can find it here. I don’t know whether jump_daisuki was planning to translate HSB’s part, but after reading Hikaru’s part, I had to make it known to the world. XD


BECAUSE OF HIKARU X INOO X YABU LOVE TRIANGLE~~~ oh wait but Keito get’s mentioned too.. so.. LOVE SQUARE?!

Don’t forget to credit kamiki_crepes for the translation! (esp since the other two members did most of Inoo’s translation while I did most of Hikaru’s)

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So recently I’ve decided that since I have so much extra time (actually not THAT much but still quite a lot), I’m going to improve my Japanese significantly. With the help of my friend, I’m going to do serious studying in my free time. As practice, I translated Hikaru’s part and well we’ll see if I will translate the others.. doubt it though. But, if you want to read Chinen’s part, this person already translated it. You can read it here.

Anyway the original scan is here and credits to nantokaa and ryosukeyamada.. I’m confused on who actually scanned it but I downloaded from nantokaa.. she f-locked the entry by now so you’ll have to friend her if you want the other pages.

credit to nantooka and ryosukeyamada

credit to nantooka and ryosukeyamada

Onto the translation!

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It’s only the Yamada, Inoo, and Yaotome section. It’s Pocco‘s and my first time translating so yep. Oh and we also got help from Kamiki-sensei~ ❤

If you want the scan or check out the original article, click the pic below~ (and of course if you’re using my scan, please credit!)

The topic is “The part fans don’t know” (oh and the stuff in ::gray:: are just my comments or thoughts)

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