Ahahha.. so I went to NYC with a couple of friends, mainly because Utada Hikaru was going to promote her album at Sephora on 5th Ave (for those that don’t know, 5th Ave in NYC is where rich people go to shop because it’s all brand name and let’s just say that everything is mostly priced in the 3 digit range…or high 2 digits..) 

Anyway, it starts at 6 and well.. I passed by the store at 1? There was already a line wrapping around the corner of the block. Apparently the first couple of people have been sitting outside of the store since 5 AM! and the people at the corner have been there since 10 AM. um yeah.. so I didn’t want to waste 4+ hours waiting in line since I rarely get to go to NYC.. so I’m sorry. I fail. >< I left and didnt’ come back til 4:30.

ahahhaha.. yeah and by then the line was wrapped around the corner and half a block down. Yeah.. plus I had friends with me so I decided that I wouldn’t wait in line.


but truthfully, the night before when I went to look up the lyrics.. ehhh.. sorry but no. Didn’t like them. @_@ plus the cover of the album still bothered me. It’s too ugly.

Anyway here’s a picture of people outside at 7:30 pm.


There were too many people outside so I couldn't get a better picture, let alone a picture inside the store with the Utada banner on it.. yeah FAIL. I know but w/e. I had fun in NYC doing other stuff

There were too many people outside so I couldn't get a better picture, let alone a picture inside the store with the Utada banner on it.. yeah FAIL. I know but w/e. I had fun in NYC doing other stuff

She already left apparently.. even though the event was til go til 8.. Plus everything was pre-signed.. so even if I made something for her, I wouldn’t have been able to personally give it to her.. 

As for the autograph.. I’m sorry, I have to say.. I’m glad I didn’t wait in line for the autograph.. cuz seriously, wasn’t worth it. If it was a signed poster instead of 8.5″x11″ photo paper, that would have been more worth it. =__=;; Although I’m glad there wasn’t any of that disgusting font on the autograph.. that would have sucked.

But anwyay it was an interesting experience. Especially hearing people who don’t even know her, pass by the shop and asking “Who’s there? Utada? I don’t know her”



So that was the Utada aspect of my trip.  (I think I like it better when you have to reserve seats or something like that.. that way you don’t really have to wait in line.. and it would help if the products were better..)

I suppose the whole point was more for the experience than the products that you get left with.. but reading through other people’s account on it, seems like it was worth it for them.

Anyway back to hw.

I’ll talk about the kooler parts later.


This is so awesome~~ She’s going to be in NYC on the 25th! which means I can go because SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!! hell yeah! She’s going to promote her album and have an autograph session at Sephora on 5th Ave.~~~

Oh yeah and even though it says to call the store, you don’t have to. I already did and she said that it’s first come first serve. It was actually pretty funny when I called because I think she had a lot of people calling her about Utada Hikaru. lool.. XD

Anyway.. what should I do~~ What should I get her to sign?! AHHHH!!! ><;;; and of course I’ll take pictures~ ❤


but uh…

You think it’ll be okay to tell her that for her next album to get a better graphic designer? o_____________O cuz seriously, this cover has horrible font and composition… BUT her MV is awesome! good quality!

Oh and for other people around the States, she’s stopping by these places too. All at Sephora.

Location: Hollywood & Highland 
6801 – Hollywood Blvd. 
Hollywood, CA 90028 
Time: 6-8PM 

Location: 597 5th Avenue 
New York, NY 10017 
Time: 6-8PM 


Location: 19575 Biscayne Blvd. 
Aventura, FL 33180 
Time: 7-9PM

Hikki’s messages!!

August 7, 2008

I don’t know about Utada Hikaru fans, but when I found her blog, I was really excited except most of it was in Japanese and I suck.



So now I know what Hikki is saying. ^___________^ hurrah!

So I got back from my Asia trip a few weeks ago, and I LOVE JAPAN!!!!! <3<3<3

Obviously, I went to the Johnny’s store, but after reading watchful21’s post, my friend and I decided to go to the Osaka Johnny’s store instead of the Tokyo one. Although beware, Osaka’s store is puny. Even though you can take as long as you want and no one is blocking your view and you don’t have to wait, it was very small and hidden. So, keep your eyes open when you’re trying to find it.

Only really popular groups had good photos *points to NEWS*

Only really popular groups had good photos *points to NEWS*

So the only problems I have with the shop photos is that most of them suck, especially the HSJ photos. I mean seriously, they could have at least done a tiny bit of photoshopping and then it would totally be worth the 150 yen.

Anyway after Tokyo we went to Takeshita Street!!! The place with all of the good stuff. (The Tokyo Johnny’s store is also around there but you have to wait in line and its a hassle. Plus the stores on Takeshita street has so much better photos/stuff)

There were soooooo many ppl @___@

There were soooooo many ppl @___@

So besides all the gorgeous shops that sold JE stuff, there was an awesome 100 yen store (I think it was 100 yen.. maybe it was 300..) Point is, it had stuff ranging from food to art supplies to headphones to weird toys. Oh but make sure you read the packages for candy, because chances are, they’re actually cough drops. So if it says “のど”, it means throat. (but its so good that it can pass as candy)

The funniest thing I saw was that there was a Claire’s store. It surprised me sooo much, but it was nice too. I bought a lot of kool ear cuffs and other jewelry for really cheap.


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