Takaki gets Friday’d..

November 8, 2009

Why am I not surprised?

lol. Ever since I knew that he really cared about looking cool and his role model was Jin and he had that hair color and he cared about being tough and being a man and being a delinquent .. this was BOUND to happen. (Especially since I think he’s the only one that got in trouble with dating a girl because the purikura spread online.)

Besides, look at Yamapi and all the others who are like that. ~_~;; What would be REALLY interesting if someone like Daiki or Yaotome or Yabu or Sho or Koyama gets a girlfriend. Of course, I think they’ll be too careful to let themselves get caught. But yeah. Definitely ppl who don’t seem like party, drinking, bad boy ppl would be a lot more interesting.

It’s so nice that they’re growing up.

Besides, isn’t this good news? The girl he got caught with this time is 6 years older!

Looks like the trend of older women and younger men is really catching on! ❤

You can read more about it here.


So I realized that there were a lot of interesting information out there concerning members of HSJ that just didn’t really fit into the translation or scan archives. Thus, I created profiles with little bits of trivia to accommodate those pieces of interesting information that would appeal to new fans. They are still in the making and since I’m not as much of a fan for any of them besides Yaotome Hikaru, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to have a complete profile.

Of course, someone on the internet could you know, actually update wikipedia with little credit links to every single magazine translation. That way new fans can get a little spark notes overview of their idol..

I’m sure most people already knew or saw Yaotome’s page.. so I added Takaki Yuya’s and Okamoto Keito’s new page. There really isn’t anything in there besides links to information like info that a person researched on Keito’s mom or respreading pics of Takaki’s ex-girlfriend.

.. although truthfully, those links are for me to remember where I have read that information and that way if anyone asks, I could easily find the link and don’t have to plow through community’s posts to find that specific entry.

Yep. Of course I would welcome anyone who wants to contribute. Otherwise, I’m just going to slowly.. VERY slowly add onto their pages. (For those that have seen my page for Hikaru, you know how slowly I updated that. XD)

Also another thing, I would have added the trivia to the beginning of my HSJ page and relocate my translation archive to its own page but because of the amount of people who probably bookmarked that page.. I will probably keep it the way it is, until it really DOES get too much to handle.

Scans Archive!

February 1, 2009

Creating the HSJ translations archive made me realize that it would be useful for a magazine/pamphlet/photo scan archive since sometimes people would repost what has already been posted, making it really annoying. Plus, this way everyone can figure out what scans are missing and don’t need to bother to search because I already did!

It’s still in progress as I still need to go through other communities and things, BUT most of the HSJ magazine scan links are up. I hope that sometime I’ll include all the other groups, but that’ll take me a while. Anyway if you find any broken links, tell me~ I won’t be able to fix them if I don’t know about them. Also, if some of them aren’t HQ (High Quality) scans, tell me.

Anwyay I think I procrastinated enough.. hope you enjoy the links page!

Sorry, I only did HSB for the Ideal Girl Clothing code~ Maybe if I really wanted to, I’ll do HS7, but considering I’m not as big of a fan of them as HSB… yeah.. lol. Special thanx to chocomari and pocco. (They practically translated everything. I was only interested in Hikaru, Daiki and Inoo.. lol) Oh and as usual, please credit!!!

Here’s the original scan:

Yura @ gogobox yamadaryosuke + yoona_cute@LJ

Credits : Yura @ gogobox yamadaryosuke + yoona_cute@LJ

And here’s the juicy translation ❤

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omg~ FINALLY FINISHED!! after like starting to translate it since september or late august. ugh. Hikaru sure write a lot and dam school makes ppl sooo busy. Anyway thank you pocco_mocco for all the editing cuz my chinese sux.

Anyway Hikaru ❤

And yes this is once again, a translation of Happytown’s chinese translation of the JUMPaper by Hikaru. hurrah. and as usual, please credit pocco-moco and me. Actually just say “credit to kamiki_crepes“. Kamiki_crepes is a new community that we formed to post up all of our translations. I’ll still post up the translations I took part of in here.. but yeah.

BEWARE: it’s LONNNNNNNG!! but it makes you love them all more. ^______^

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August 16, 2008

This is a bit of an old news but it surprised me!

Taken from Crunchyroll. Not sure who to credit..

Taken from Crunchyroll. Not sure who to credit..

poor Takaki. So many people criticizing his acting job in Gokusen. I thought I was the only one that was really distracted by his acting and his make up. I didn’t think that they altered the script for Takaki though. Well it was his first drama.. I guess the toughest part was that he prolly couldn’t figure out his character. Was it just me, or did he sometimes act like Matsujun’s Sawada Shin? It also didn’t help that Gokusen had the same plotline as all the other Gokusens before it. =__________=

but lawl. rumors about Takaki and smoking are back again. lol. You can read more about it at Uwasako’s. lol. If you actually think about it, if he actually was that bad, he would have done a great job in Gokusen. lol.

anyway.. I wish Takaki would stop being a cool Jin wannabe. If he stayed himself, he’ll be cool. Fans will appreciate it instead of calling him a wannabe. The first step is a different hairstyle. ^___^