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Okay, whoa. sorry but whoa! New nose? NO WAY. Looking at the pictures, they don’t look that convincing, esp the first one. the other ones just look photoshopped. skin color looks wrong in the second one. like seriously.


This is the first pic:


credits to

credits to


do you see the difference?! I don’t! and seriously, your face changes as you grow. that’s such an obvious fact. omg. =_____=

here’s the link to the full article and there’s a second photo which totally looks photoshopped.

what’s up with all these korean celebrities? it’s not like fans were complaining about how bad their nose is. ugh. it’s really gross. sigh. although I can just imagine that in a couple hundred of years, people will be digging up graves and all that’s left is all this plastic. sigh. plus, if you have plastic surgery.. doesn’t that mean that it’s bad for the environment to cremate your body??

sorry.. had art history class today. @_@

okay wow. Talk about coincidences.. check out this tribute video:

Yes. It is Hikaru and Minho! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I didn’t actually think that someone would also like the exact two people that I liked!! Although I guess maybe it’s because even though they have different personalities and stuff, they’re similar types of guys???


Oh yeah, don’t suppose anyone knows the fanmail address for SHINee?

I know that I can prolly look through the international forums, but is there any HQ scans of the magazine from this video? which I thought was REALLY cute. XD and I loved Minho’s pose… so hot and total drawing material!!!!

sigh~ I really really want to make a clay model of Minho.. such nice bone structure

Here’s a link to the interview at their photoshoot.. no subs though..

Anyone know if anyone subbed the behind the scenes of their reality tv show? sigh, this is making me want to learn korean so I can understand.. aldkfj.

Also, is it just me or are there like 3 or 4 songs in their album that are remakes from other songs? They have similar tunes to other songs I’ve heard before….

You know, am I the only one that sometimes have trouble telling the difference between those two?

okay. Hold up. Before anyone starts getting angry, lemme say that I became a fan recently and don’t have the time to fully go all out fangirly and watch everything that SHINee’s in. Plus I don’t understand Korean so it’s not like I can watch the unsubbed videos. At least with Japanese, I can understand part of it.

Anyway, they look sooo similar!! I always have to hear them talk and act before I can tell who’s who. >< sigh.

  credits t[caption id=credits to darkdevil4bloodyvenus@WPcredits to darkdevil4bloodyvenus@WP

yeah. and if you couldn’t tell yourself, top is Onew and bottom is Key.

Oh and I really like thier song, Love’s Way. No MV but there’s eng subs.

lol. I like how I loved the song before I even understand the lyrics. lool..

edit: My favorite part is the part where Jonghyun sings “You’re my true love”<3


last note before I go back to homework.. I really hope Minho gets to do a LOT of dramas in the future. I think a lot of people are thinking he has the talent too. I mean seriously.. swoon~~~


credits to getlazy@wordpress (left to right: Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho, Key)

credits to getlazy@wordpress (left to right: Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho, Key)




I feel like I’m betraying JE by being brainwashed and converted to K-pop due to various groups.. like SHINee! Watch this video. You’ll love them too. (Well actually, if you’re into looks, that’s prolly not the best video to watch since they all have bad haircuts making them all look the same except for Jonghyun. =___=…) It’s the best song ever btw ❤ oh yeah and Rino Nakasone from Beat Freakz from America’s Best Dance Crew season 3 was the choreographer.

This is another one of my favorite songs! No MV though. Romantic!

But seriously, they’re awesome. You have to watch their reality TV show. There’s 35 videos but it’s totally worth it!!! Here’s a link to the playlist but yeah. If you’re too lazy, just watch ep 8 and the last ep. It’s so kute. I love Minho! ❤ But seriously.. watch all of it if you don’t want to miss anything.

Personally, I prefer SHINee compared to U-Kiss. Even if U-Kiss is more talented in language.. I feel like SHINee has better company songwriters, MV directors, and overall promoters… but that’s cuz SHINee is from SM entertainment..  still.. they have better training? iono.. U-Kiss has a long way to go to reach that level… and is it just me or does U-Kiss seem to look younger than SHINee? (Even though they’re the same age and a little older than SHINee)

credits to sohotonasia@wordpress

credits to sohotonasia@wordpress

well one thing’s for sure.. SHINee is definitely more popular since they have a HUGE international forum and won ALL of the newcomer awards for last year. Although Ukiss still has a very nice website and one of the members is the little brother of a member in SS501.

Either way, both groups have better clothing than JE.. especially when JE groups are having a concert with those gross clashing outfits. sigh. =___= They have so much money, it wouldn’t hurt to spend it on better clothes.. and maybe actually AIM to become international? Arashi, NEWS, and KAT-TUN have started doing that but come on.. they should be able to do better.. not only that but stop having the 1000000 mini kids on the stage.. especially for groups as big as HSJ. Too chaotic! alskdfjalds. Although JE gets a lot of points for having so many magazines dedicated to them. I still think they should work on other areas though. They already sold enough personality. Do better!