Wonder what Ryo thought…

October 22, 2008

Credits to hollywood-beautiful.blogspot.com (I just searched on google for a pic of her in case you didnt know who she is)

Credits to hollywood-beautiful.blogspot.com (I just searched on google for a pic of her in case you didn't know who she is)

LOL… this is old news but did you know that Leah Dizon is pregnant and going to be married? According to this article (scroll to the bottom of that page), the father is her stylist. They met in January and apparently he’s a playboy~

The guy in the hat is Leah Dizons stylist/husband

The guy in the hat is Leah Dizon's stylist/husband

sound familiar to anyone?


roflmao~~~ Takumi and Hachiko XD except like its a stylist and a singer and not a singer and singer’s friend’s girlfriend’s best friend.

but I just thought it was hilarious..

Here’s a video of her telling all her fans. loooool

anyway, I was just wondering what Ryo thought about it since he was a total fan of her. lol. He prolly got really heartbroken and stuff, but hey he was just a fanboy right? nothing else, so I think he’ll deal and be fine, just like Chinen and the whole Ohno scandal.

Now that I think about it, after the Ohno scandal, doesn’t it seem like Chinen hasn’t been talking much about Ohno anymore? or maybe its cuz I don’t listen to their radio stations and don’t really read Chinen’s articles…

Oh yeah, congrats to Ohno for getting the Best Actor award in Maou!!

Totally beat Yamapi! but hey Maou was awesome. Although I still have to watch the last episode.. Iono.. near the end I lost interest but it was soo dam good. I loved Maou. Ohno was sooo awesome ❤ Better than Yamapi’s character in Code Blue. His character was like Kurosagi so it wasn’t that interesting at all. Oh so here’s the article about it if you want to read more. You have to scroll down but yeah.


So basically Ohno admitted about the threesome but he denied smoking marijuana. JE is waging war with the head publisher of that newspaper, Kodansha.. which is the largest publisher in Japan. What do I mean by waging war? As in, JE is cutting all ties and agreements with Kodansha!!! No JE calendars anymore!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (Although Johnny would prolly just find another publisher.. )

You can read more at Fybabe or Uwasako or MyFirstGossipBlog~

Eek! Ohno-kun~~ ><

July 28, 2008


It’s another JE scandal and this time with Ohno-kun. Very BAD timing too. If it gets any worse it’ll affect the plans for Arashi to sing the Olympic song and all of their other activities.

but the photos are from 2005… so maybe the consequences won’t be that bad? and everyone was saying that he seems more drunk than high, so the chance of him being suspended isn’t that bad, right? I mean he was old enough back then right? so he’ll still be with Arashi? TT___TT maybe?

geh. I just thought of another though.. I wonder if Chinen knows about it… probably.. although I don’t think those photos are appropriate for someone of his age.. wonder what he’ll think. TT__TT He was like Ohno’s #1 fan too. T_T

Here’s a link to the Fybabe’s post on the article. If you can read Japanese, she has a scan of the article.