Am I the only one that thinks that it’s stupid how Rain’s new name as a singer in the US will be “The Rain”? I mean seriously.. and it’s only for America too… geez. plus it’s only for singing. As an actor, Rain is still “Rain”… sigh. but dam.. the other group sure knows when to sue… all because of that, Rain’s popularity DIED. He was going to make a great US debut but whoops~ copyright infringement!!! so stupid~~~ He could have just used Bi. or something..

Anyway.. this is the funniest thing I read. Tanaka Koki slept with a guy unknowingly?! Well technically the guy had a sex change before they met.. so she’s a girl? but yeah.. still interesting. Oh here’s a follow-up.

yeah.. anwyay it’s late. I’ll come up with a real update sometime soon. Oh yeah I already finished going through boys_paper and hey_say for mag scans and translations. So they’re up to date!!! HURRAH!!!


Roflmao Entertainment News~

February 12, 2009


The first that I have to mention/talk about is the whole Miley Cyrus Racist Photo. (Yeah I know this has nothing to do with Asian celeb news, but roflmao.. funniest thing ever) It’s about how Miley Cyrus made a face making fun of Asians and people getting pissed off about it.

I think they’re going a little overboard with her whole photo.. although I didn’t like her apology/response to it either. Not very professional. She should know that whatever she publishes on a blog, it’s published. Personally I think that she should  just stop taking photos and letting other people take photos of her. seriously. =___=

The second ridiculous piece of news is that DragonBall has been made into a Live-action movie… I know.. seriously what is wrong with people? some things are not meant to be in live action! and worst of all.. its made by America..

Manga creator felt surprised, but says it might be treated as a different dimension.

The Oricon entertainment news source posted a promotional video for James Wong and 20th Century Fox’s live-action adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s Dragonball manga, and Toriyama prefaced the video with a written comment:

As the original creator, I had a feeling of “Huh?” upon seeing the screenplay and the character designs, but the director, all the actors, the staff, and the rest are nothing but “ultra” high-caliber people. Maybe the right way for me and all the fans to appreciate it is as a New Dragonball of a different dimension. Perhaps, this might become a great masterpiece of power! Hey, I look forward to it!!

The film will open in Japan on March 13, and will then open in America on April 8.”

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The third piece of news is that Rain is being sued for 40 mil by Hawaii for cancelling his concert in 2007.. although it’s not his fault because during that time, he was being sued for his stage name.. =_____=;;;

“Pop star Rain is scheduled to appear in a Hawaii court for a US$40 million lawsuit against the entertainer for a week from March 10. Rain and his ex-agency JYP Entertainment were sued by Honolulu promoter Click Entertainment for cancelling their planned concert there in June 2007. If Rain fails to show up, he may be subject to an arrest warrant.

Click Entertainment also then filed a separate complaint in Korea against the singer, concert organizer Star M Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment, arguing, “They are incapable of holding the concert, or intended to take money from us from the beginning.”

However, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office dropped the charge, saying “They do not appear to have deceived the American promoter with the intention of taking its money.””

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Also, Lee hom is filming his MV with a hot girl named Janet Hsieh (for those that personally know me.. lol I know.. XD). Apparently she’s and ABC and graduated from MIT. She’s done stuff for the commercial and advertisement world, so it’s not like she’s new. I’m sure she’ll be really popular after this MV. It’s her first apparently. Her blog is I love how she wrote: “not sure if you’ve seen the news, but I am going to be in a music video (my first)…. and it’s for a VEEEEEERY popular singer… ha ha. You know who?….. more to come! love, janet

Another cool thing is that Jang Nara is using Lee hom’s Kiss Goodbye song for the ending song of the Korean drama, My Lovely Sam-Soon. She apparently translated the lyrics herself and Lee hom said that he’ll oversee the project.

kool eh? at least they asked for lee hom’s permission.. UNLIKE someone in Bollywood. PSHAW

[edit] LOOOOOOKK!!!!! ITS LEE HOM AND RAIN!!! <3<3<3 (It’s korean television.. but its okay! The lyrics of the song they sang together is on there too which is nice)