Sorry, I only did HSB for the Ideal Girl Clothing code~ Maybe if I really wanted to, I’ll do HS7, but considering I’m not as big of a fan of them as HSB… yeah.. lol. Special thanx to chocomari and pocco. (They practically translated everything. I was only interested in Hikaru, Daiki and Inoo.. lol) Oh and as usual, please credit!!!

Here’s the original scan:

Yura @ gogobox yamadaryosuke + yoona_cute@LJ

Credits : Yura @ gogobox yamadaryosuke + yoona_cute@LJ

And here’s the juicy translation ❤

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So after watching the awesome movie, Koizora, I got into Miura Haruma. I mean yeah he’s in Gokusen 3 but meh. I liked him in Koizora. ❤

Anyway so yeah. I figured, hey I want to know what he’s saying!

So here’s another translation by Pocco and I. Special thanks to Chocomari for helping us~

Onto the translation~~~

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Super duper long translation by Pocco and me. lol. It took us a while but yeah.

This is the link to the scans~


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