Usually I don’t really believe FRIDAY, as they’re known to be a tabloid magazine and more than half of their stuff is untrue. However, sometimes they are true, like Ohno’s threesome scandal, and well after reading this article, I think it’s pretty believable that Oguri Shun could be cheating.

They have had problems with their relationship before (which relationship doesn’t?) so I’m not surprised. I wouldn’t be surprised if that only happened because he wanted to hurt her or he wanted a something something at the moment. Not all relationships are great like Miyavi and Melody or Eita and Kimura Kaela. Some just crumble like Leah Dizon and her playboy stylist, who are about to be divorced after having a shotgun wedding because of the kid a year ago.


okay whoa. Like seriously, whoa.

I mean like I don’t really keep up with Miyavi and Melody or anything but my friend is ai big Miyavi fan so I was surprised to hear about this first from uwasako@LJ and then jpopasia.. like seriously.. whoa.

but YAAY! Congrats!

There seriously need more people in the entertainment industry to be married.

Anyway I wonder how they got together and for how long… my friend said that Melody friends with a DJ for Miyavi.. or at least through MySpace and she posted a message on the page.. but dunno.

Miyavi’s going to give an official announcement on April 5th at his concert in Tokyo though!

Oh and did I mention that she’s pregnant? and she’s not going to sing anymore? she’s going to try to become a fashion designer! (The only song I know by her is “Miss You” with m-flo)

so yeah. Congrats~~~~

EDIT: btw Miyavi posted an official announcement on his myspace so that would be more accurate than other stuff.