I was actually searching the net for Johnny’s Family Club website because I vaguely remembered going to some website for like official fanclub or something because I was trying to find the address so I could send a fan letter.. anyway, I stumbled on this useful site. It’s a Tackey fansite and it has a lot of stuff.


To the important part!!!!


FINALLY! Information about how people in Japan subscribed to the J-web! Not that I really understand it that well because I don’t live in Japan or have a cellphone so I don’t understand but I still found this useful because no one ever talks about how they get J-webs in the LJ communities except that it’s through a Japanese cellphone.

ANYWAY. here’s a link to it and scroll down to Johnny’s web. I assume that it applies to all of the artists and not only Tackey. (Although I didn’t know that other artists HAVE J-webs.. I kind of assume HSJ were the only ones…) Anyway yeah. I feel accomplished. lol. yes. Accomplished because I discovered this clue. oh and as for what HSJ’s corner would be called.. I’m guessing… JUMPaper? No one uses that term lately except for me.. but I only used it cuz that’s what people in the beginning called it before they switched it to J-web.. so yeah.

ANYWAY~ hope that was helpful!! oh and don’t ask how to access Tackey’s J-web translations on that site because I don’t know and its like almost 4 in the morning so I”m sleeping. nite~


Happy New Years Eve~~

December 31, 2008

How in the world does Kinokuniya not have any of the january issues out? Heck, they only had December issues for Myojo and Wink up. @_@ bleh. Oh well.. Anyway, I wanted to share this link with everyone! Someone came back from Japan and took pics of all the Christmas / New Year cards that HSJ ppl wrote and posted up at Johnny’s Family Club!! …except she forgot to take a pic of Hikaru’s…  T______T oh well… sigh.

I actually didn’t know that you could go in and visit.. I should have done that when I was in Shibuya during the summer.. phooey.. oh well..

Anyway, to the important question.. anyone know how to subscribe to Potato/Wink Up/Duet? and how much it is??


September 22, 2008

so just letting everyone know that I probably won’t update this until a couple months later most likely. School is hell and there’s so much work that I don’t even have time to watch dramas. Not only that but the internet sometimes breaks and its annoying.

anyway yeah. sigh. I wish a holiday will come up soon. Weekends aren’t even weekends anymore. T_T gahh. too much work. too many projects.

on another note, in case you haven’t heard, Yamapi finally graduated and HSJ has a new single out but we all know that by now.

bleh. I want a day where I can do nothing and don’t have to worry about anything. Is that too much to ask?

Wow, I’ve been offline for three or four days and so much news!!! I think the most significant is this article talking about how maybe SUMMARY will come to LA. of course it doesn’t say that directly but it’s possible. sigh. If I can see HSJ in the US.. <3<3 lol. but why is everything in LA. sheesh. Although I guess its a good thing that I’m not going to school there otherwise I’ll be broke all the time. lol.

Anyway rumors about the HSJ’s 4th single appeared, but iono.. kind of fishy to me, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean, come on, they’re aren’t doing anything recently right? SUMMARY is already over. they need to work on their next project, so another song wouldn’t be surprising.

Oh, and I added Popolo Oct 2008 translation link to the HSJ page on the right.

Also, I’m not going to update that frequently. School’s starting and I’m going to have a lot of work, but I’ll try to continue updating the HSJ page with all of the translation links.


August 28, 2008

So I found an interesting Korean drama yesterday. It’s called New Heart. intense! Although it would be better if I understood it. It’s chinese dubbed on TV.. although I guess I can always watch it on mysoju.. but its like 23 eps. lol.. sigh..

I WANT TO WATCH CODE BLUE EP 7!!!!!!!!!! adlfkjadkjf..

anyone know where? The link in mysoju isn’t working for me. TT___TT

anyway, if anyone watched it, ep 8 of Maou was sooo awesome. Can’t wait for the next one. Btw did you guys read about how Mary and Johnny are having arguements and there might be a possibility of JE splitting!? Although if it does and Mary gets NEWS and ARASHI.. I think I”ll stick to Mary.. although what happens to HSJ. No one mentioned who gets them…

lol.. the first thing I see when I turn on the TV is: USA vs Japan Volleyball!!!!

GAHHHHH!!! who should I root for? USA of course. sorry HSJ.

I think the funny thing is that I actually recognize some of the Japanese volleyball players, #7 and #1 xD loool. But wow, I didn’t expect USA to go up against Japan this early. I bet Hikaru is watching this. loool. but dammm.. Japan is good. Well, so is USA. but this is a really close match.


omg its match point for the 3rd game!


EDIT: lawl.. its USA vs JAPAN again for Beach volleyball!!!

but wow.. Japan’s team for Beach volleyball is soooo tan/dark! O____O I totally didn’t know that they were the Japanese team until I saw the flag. They’re soo much darker than the USA team.