I was searching up about Lollipop after finishing Brown Sugar Micchiato in two days and procrastinating on homework.. and look what I stumbled upon! Personally, I extremely agree with how it’s ridiculous how many boy bands are forming. Sigh. Plus there’s the whole article about how people who are getting music awards are more and more about a pretty face than talent. (Although I don’t blame them. I’m shallow too sometimes!) I lost the link to that one, so sorry!

Anyway, Lollipop is so interesting because they all have each of their blogs where they upload a bunch of photos of themselves and co-workers during their worktime. As much as I would LOOOVE to keep up to date with Lollipop and other people, I just don’t have time and too much time has passed to let me keep up with them.  (yeah.. Fahrenheit.. wasn’t that great. I’m sorry, after their HORRIBLE Japanese single.. ew.. although I still like Aaron! ❤ Haven’t seen their most recent dramas so I wouldn’t know much about them now) I mean seriously, JE is so much easier because they always have articles in monthly magazines. So you get to know more about the people easier.

But seriously, this is totally reminding me of the Backstreet Boys and N’sync era. lool.. except in ASIA! and it’s Fahrenheit vs Lollipop. lol. I feel so out of the loop… even hearing people talk about Jonas Brothers is weird. I never heard of them until this year. That’s when I realized that I really am old.

Anyway yeah. Oh.. and if you haven’t seen/heard it already, I LOOOOOVE THIS SONG!!! XD XD read the lyrics! XD (It’s lee hom’s 我完全沒有任何理由理你 [I have absolutely no reason to pay attention to you])

Here’s an article about him. It was nice to read an intelligent-like conversation between a reporter and a celebrity. I mean seriously, most conversations are all about things you don’t need any knowledge about.. (yeah I felt stupid because I didn’t understand some of it too; excuse me for not studying classical music) 






Also, Lee hom is filming his MV with a hot girl named Janet Hsieh (for those that personally know me.. lol I know.. XD). Apparently she’s and ABC and graduated from MIT. She’s done stuff for the commercial and advertisement world, so it’s not like she’s new. I’m sure she’ll be really popular after this MV. It’s her first apparently. Her blog is here.lol.. I love how she wrote: “not sure if you’ve seen the news, but I am going to be in a music video (my first)…. and it’s for a VEEEEEERY popular singer… ha ha. You know who?….. more to come! love, janet

Another cool thing is that Jang Nara is using Lee hom’s Kiss Goodbye song for the ending song of the Korean drama, My Lovely Sam-Soon. She apparently translated the lyrics herself and Lee hom said that he’ll oversee the project.

kool eh? at least they asked for lee hom’s permission.. UNLIKE someone in Bollywood. PSHAW

[edit] LOOOOOOKK!!!!! ITS LEE HOM AND RAIN!!! <3<3<3 (It’s korean television.. but its okay! The lyrics of the song they sang together is on there too which is nice)


August 13, 2008

This is rather old, but omg. I can’t believe ppl plagarized and STOLE Leehom’s song “竹林深處” for the Bollywood movie, Race. I know that since Leehom is so big and famous and stuff so things like this are bound to happen, but still!!! >O Good thing they’re suing them for $320,000. hmph.

Here’s the original version of the Leehom’s song.

This is the copied one. HMPH. Even though lots of ppl copy movies or w/e and create pirated stuff, okay fine. but at least they don’t change it and claim that its theirs. >O

Well I guess this movie was MUSIC-MAN Leehom’s first enemy. lol. To tell you the truth when I read that Leehom was asked who MUSIC-MAN’s enemy was and he said “piracy and people who make bad music”, I was wondering if he meant all those people around the world who get their music off the internet. =__=;;

(Um, in case you don’t know MUSIC-MAN, its Leehom’s newest thing. It’s like Batman, Superman, etc except its Music-man!!! xD)

So I got back from my Asia trip a few weeks ago, and I LOVE JAPAN!!!!! <3<3<3

Obviously, I went to the Johnny’s store, but after reading watchful21’s post, my friend and I decided to go to the Osaka Johnny’s store instead of the Tokyo one. Although beware, Osaka’s store is puny. Even though you can take as long as you want and no one is blocking your view and you don’t have to wait, it was very small and hidden. So, keep your eyes open when you’re trying to find it.

Only really popular groups had good photos *points to NEWS*

Only really popular groups had good photos *points to NEWS*

So the only problems I have with the shop photos is that most of them suck, especially the HSJ photos. I mean seriously, they could have at least done a tiny bit of photoshopping and then it would totally be worth the 150 yen.

Anyway after Tokyo we went to Takeshita Street!!! The place with all of the good stuff. (The Tokyo Johnny’s store is also around there but you have to wait in line and its a hassle. Plus the stores on Takeshita street has so much better photos/stuff)

There were soooooo many ppl @___@

There were soooooo many ppl @___@

So besides all the gorgeous shops that sold JE stuff, there was an awesome 100 yen store (I think it was 100 yen.. maybe it was 300..) Point is, it had stuff ranging from food to art supplies to headphones to weird toys. Oh but make sure you read the packages for candy, because chances are, they’re actually cough drops. So if it says “のど”, it means throat. (but its so good that it can pass as candy)

The funniest thing I saw was that there was a Claire’s store. It surprised me sooo much, but it was nice too. I bought a lot of kool ear cuffs and other jewelry for really cheap.


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