Good Drama WANTED!!!

December 12, 2008

Long Love Letter was such a good drama despite the whole time travel and really bad graphics of the monster.. but it was so good. I didn’t even realize Yamapi starred in it until the middle of the episode..

Although I realized that Yamapi has always had the same roles.. It’s either playful or the serious popular guy.. or a mix.. It’s really annoying. I wish he was like Matsujun, who can play a lot of different roles. I mean seriously.. Yamapi needs to get a role that’s not silly or serious but somethign else. He needs to add another dimension to his character.. sigh. Sometimes I feel like he’s not even acting but he’s being himself.. like I can seriously imagine him like that in real life..

Anyway.. break is starting and I NEED A NEW DRAMA!!! something GOOD like Maou or The 1st shop of coffee prince or Long love letter.

btw, this guy is so hot.. he even played my fav character in GTO. Oh, he played the teacher in Long Love Letter. It was sooo kute.


He’s as old as Lee Hom. Too bad he hasnt’ been doing many dramas.. I really liked him in Long Love Letter.. He’s been doing movies lately but I haven’t seen them yet..

I forget if I mentioned this awesome guy: KANATA HONGO!!!

credits: uh.. I just got it from a Friendster...

btw does anyone know if this is real? His Friendster.. Maki has one too and apparently he’s friends with her on friendster? I don’ t know.. there’s always a bunch of fake ones online… so yeah. He was in Prince of Tennis and Nana 2. Totally looked like Ryoma and Shin… He was great in Seigi no Mikata.. That was the best drama ever ❤ lol.. wow he’s thin..



Any suggestions?