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According to the official Shanghai Expo website, SMAP will be performing at the Expo Culture Center on June 13. Tickets are free and can be reserved at the center on the day of the concert. It will start at 1pm.

Exciting isn’t it? I actually didn’t know that SMAP was still performing. Lately, it’s all about Arashi and KAT-TUN, so I was a bit surprised that SMAP was chosen to perform at the world expo in Shanghai. Are they even still doing group activities right now? I feel like they’ve been doing solo stuff for a couple of years already…

Anyway, if you haven’t heard about the Expo, watch this video and be amazed by the architecture. You can think of the event as the Olympics for technology, culture, ideas, etc. except there aren’t any winners.

Then plan your trip to Shanghai and go see it with your own eyes in the summer. Tickets for opening day are already sold out, but the Expo will be from May 1st to October 31st, 2010. So go!

…and then tell me about it because I can’t go.


So far, there are two concerts that I know of where Asian pop stars are coming to the US to perform this summer!!


Akanishi Jin!

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He’ll be in LA at Club Nokia for three shows and rumor has it that he might even perform at some clubs during his time there. He’ll be singing in both Japanese and English.

Saturday June 19th: 6PM
Sunday June 20th: 1PM and 6PM

You can get tickets starting on April 15th on Ticketmaster or AllAmericanTickets

With such a big new move for JE, think Johnny himself will be there? He was at the show Jin did for international fans in Japan… so maybe? After all, according to Japan_now, the concert IS Johnny’s brainchild. Maybe if it goes well, JE will consider bringing Arashi and NEWS to the US! After all, it only took the success of that one concert in Japan to accept United Television Broadcasting (UTB)’s invitation to have Jin perform in LA. Maybe Jin’s concerts will open the road for other JE idols to come. Exciting don’t you think? They’re expanding outside of Asia too!

I think the question right now is , do you think he’ll make it? Will he manage to fill most of the 2,300 seats? Well, he definitely has a higher chance than the other JE idols considering that he can speak English more fluently than the others since he spent time here. He already has a fanbase from his roles in Gokusen 2 and other works… And considering that there are plenty of JE fans that were able to go to the press release for Matsujun in LA for his movie two years ago, I think there will be enough people that will fill the place. He has friends from his time studying abroad in LA too.


Wonder Girls with 2PM as opening act!

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At times, I wish I wasn’t such an Allkpop avid reader as they had my hopes up when they mentioned 2AM might be opening as well, but they aren’t. They’re already busy with their recent hit single and need to keep strengthening their fanbase in Korea. Plus, I’m sure JoKwon has a contract with We Got Married and likewise with JinWoon with Mankae Rebellion.. so they wouldn’t be able to prepare to go overseas for multiple months. But, 2PM is still opening, which will be awesome and I can’t wait! I already got my ticket for the concert! Did you? You can get it at Live Nation or Ticketmaster! Better hurry, they might have already been sold out. VIP tickets allow you for a meet and greet too!

Anyway according to their official website, WG so far will be hitting 9 cities.

“Wonder Girls World Tour 2010” – 9 confirmed cities

Fri, 04-June-2010: Washington DC / Warner Theater
Sat,05-June-2010: Atlanta / Tabernacle
Sun,06-June-2010: New York / Hammerstein
Tue, 08-June-2010: Chicago / House of Blues
Wed, 09-June-2010: Houston / House of Blues
Thr, 10-June-2010: Dallas / House of Blues
Fri, 11-June-2010: Los Angeles / Palladium
Sat, 12-June-2010: Anaheim, CA / House of Blues
Sun, 13-June-2010: San Francisco / The Fillmore

I’m really glad that JYP is having this world tour. I don’t actually know how popular WG is in America… but I’m sure they got lots of love from during the time as opening act for Jonas Brothers. With 2PM as opening act for WG, they’ll be able to recover from the whole scandal and gain lots of support internationally. I think it’s a great move for JYP.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see the Wonder Girls again! And this time, I will be able to hear them sing live for more than one song!! Although, paying $20 and going to the Jonas Brothers Concert to see them wasn’t that bad since I got to take pics with WG and JYP. Hopefully this concert this summer will be a better venue too…

I think the general agreement online is that for a lot of dramas, directors used popular guys in JE for publicity… or JE told the directors to take their guy as one of the actors *cough* Takaki Yuya in Gokusen *cough*. And you know, I’m right about Takaki… the script changed and he got less lines because he didn’t have enough skill and practice for that role… I bet his make up artist was new too, because it was extremely distracting…

Anyway, did you also know that JE can put pressure on the plot lines of movies? According to JapanToday, JE put pressure on the directors of the movie, Space Battleship Yamato, to have the film focused more on Kimura Takuya than the battle scenes… @_@ Does that mean that its going to be more of a romance film then? sighhh…

I was also looking around the net, and apparently Kimura wants to make the CG in Space Battleship Yamato to be like Avatar… Does he realize that Cameron spent practically all his money from Titanic to create Avatar? and that the only reason he created Titanic, was to bring Avatar to life? @_@ Anyway, if you read the rest of the article, you can tell that the post-production team is a little frustrated.

I hate it when people underestimate the time and effort it takes to create CG… or more like art in general. Even a simple business card takes a long time to design.

Anyway, even if Kimura takes a pay cut, I don’t think it’ll improve the movie that much… not only that but they already released a teaser, so there’s the time issue too.. If they do decide to redo some parts, the movie will definitely be delayed and the hype will die out.

Of course, he is the main lead and might have some weight to swing around.. sighhh…

credits to ai-star @ LJ

Yay! New translation! since.. like.. last year. XD. Anyway, it’s a bit old, but I hope you enjoy it.

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HSJ became AKB48?

March 29, 2010

Due to a rumor of HSJ doing a guerrilla concert in Takeshita, there was a massive stampede causing 3 girls to be sent to the hospital after complaining about nausea and chest pains. However, the press quickly changed the articles saying that  it was actually AKB48, not HSJ. Like what this article says on CNNgo, it is quite possible that JE did do a cover up and because it was a rumor that started it all, the press can put any name and replace it. After all, who wants to have a stampede of crazed fans that caused injuries to be associated with an idol group? Then again, I don’t see why that matters.. because there are always incidents that are similar.. such as tons of people fainting at concerts…  The other possibility is that, maybe the press just got it wrong in the first place and it was originally AKB48.. but no offense, JE is more popular for most women and girls. @_@ So I’m not sure if they would really get that excited for AKB48…then again, if it was a rumor about guerrilla concert, then… that means it’s free.. and well I would love to go to a free concert. lol..

Anyway, wow.

The power of information.

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You probably never heard of him, in fact there’s barely anything on the internet about him, but that’s because he hasn’t debuted yet. But he’s definitely someone to look out for especially he got signed to Sony Music two years ago.

Obi Tenaka, a singer and actor, has gained popularity in Japan by appearing on some famous TV shows including Hey Hey Hey Music Champ!, and has made a variety of appearances on Fuji TV and TV TOKYO. He made his splash in Japan when he was signed to Sony Music Entertainment Japan in late 2008 and has composed and written songs for commercials. He recently made an appearance for the CM Oronamin, which features Japanese idol Aya Ueto as the main cast. Obi has been noted for his affiliation with some top stars including Utada Hikaru, M-Flo, Chemistry, and many others. He has been referenced in blogs and events by some top actors and actresses in Japan and Korea including Erika Toda, Aragaki Yui, ARASHI, and Han Hyo Joo. His cousin is Crystal Kay, who is also a singer in Japan. He has said many times that Crystal Kay was his inspiration for entering the world of entertainment.

Obi Tenaka was born and raised in England on November 11, 1990. He is 1/4 Japanese, 1/4 Korean and 1/2 African American. After his birth, he and his family relocated to America for 2 years and then moved to Tokyo, Japan. At the age of 15, he auditioned for Avex but was declined. 3 years later, Obi once again auditioned for Avex but instead caught the eye of the SMEJ vice-president and received a sign-on contract for one of largest music labels in Japan.

Credits to yui-life

Did I mention the rumor that he got recruited or offered by Johnny’s Entertainment? How many times does JE actively recruit? Usually it’s the moms/sisters/friends that send in the applications and JE has to sift through all of them. I think it’s only been Matsujun that comes close to have been recruited. Except, he still applied. It’s just that when they saw his picture, they accepted him. Obi’s case… direct recruit?! He’s probably really good, if the rumor’s true. Either way, it seems like he already has many connections throughout the Entertainment World with many people supporting him as stated above in the mini-bio I just quoted.

Whether his skills will resonate with the public and gain world wide fame, only time can tell. For now, we can only wait for him to continue training and sharpen his skills, before showing off his true potential to the world.

Crazy Fans of JE Idols

March 7, 2010

There was an interesting article translated from a Singaporean magazine about the fandom with JE idols. I have to say that there were quite a lot of situations that I wasn’t really aware of that were caused by obsessed fans, known as Yarakashi and Oriki. You can read it here.

Although if you bother to read the comments, you would realize that the terms Oriki and Yarakashi are defined differently. Oriki are eager fans who follow all of the idol’s schedule and basically show up to a lot of their performances, but they have rules, like no stalking. So respectful eager fans. On the other hand, Yarakashi are the crazy disrespectful fans that bring shame to the name of fan.


Anyway, I just wanted to ask..

Do you think these idols will ever have true friends that they make after their debut? I feel like they’ll all grow up either only making friends with other idols or just sticking with their elementary school friends.

It also makes me question what I should do if I do happen to stumble across them one day. Pretend I don’t know them? Politely ask for an autograph? Strike up a random conversation?

What would you do?

Akanishi Jin

Credits to klaudia_japan @ crunchyroll

I’m sorry, what?? He wants to debut in America? Nope. Wrong~ He’s bringing America to Japan with a side thought of having a concert into America. Read the rest of this entry »

Takaki gets Friday’d..

November 8, 2009

Why am I not surprised?

lol. Ever since I knew that he really cared about looking cool and his role model was Jin and he had that hair color and he cared about being tough and being a man and being a delinquent .. this was BOUND to happen. (Especially since I think he’s the only one that got in trouble with dating a girl because the purikura spread online.)

Besides, look at Yamapi and all the others who are like that. ~_~;; What would be REALLY interesting if someone like Daiki or Yaotome or Yabu or Sho or Koyama gets a girlfriend. Of course, I think they’ll be too careful to let themselves get caught. But yeah. Definitely ppl who don’t seem like party, drinking, bad boy ppl would be a lot more interesting.

It’s so nice that they’re growing up.

Besides, isn’t this good news? The girl he got caught with this time is 6 years older!

Looks like the trend of older women and younger men is really catching on! ❤

You can read more about it here.

yay! people are growing up~

or well.. you know.. they have good friends that are the opposite gender. *gasp* I know, hard to believe right? which is why there’s a rumor going around that Yamada Ryosuke has a girlfriend~ because what else can they be? they hang out with each other all the time so that = a couple, right?

More info here.

On another note, I can’t wait for the day that someone in JE comes out of the closet. loool. xD

Anyway, fangirls, I wouldn’t cry my eyes out because of this rumor. We all know that JE idols are going to be single or at least unmarried until at least 30 because other fangirls are pissed off and well sometimes the agency intervenes so that their sales don’t die. So, relax.

Plus, aren’t most popular songs about heartbreaks? No pain, no gain. It’ll be good experience for Yamada.

Oh wait, they dont’ write their own songs so it wouldn’t matter, huh. (well besides the few in JE that DO write their own songs). Well, I guess it’ll just be good reference material for acting for Yamada.