Hurrah! Hurrah! Hikaru’s goals are starting to become reality!!

According to stevenica, on Hi! Hey! Say! recently, Hikaru reveals he’s going to be in a drama and he’s going to be a yankee~ lol. Personally, I don’t know man.. bad boy Hikaru? lol.. Well, we’ll just have to see. Hope his acting doesn’t flop like Takaki’s.. Anyway, he’ll be in the same drama as  and Tackey and Nishikido Ryo called, Orthros Dog, coming out this July. XD XD yay~

The director also did Kinpachi-sensei season 7…. mmm… I really need to be a better fangirl.. lol.. I didn’t even know Hikaru was in any significant dramas but that totally makes sense since they had Hikaru be the sensei at the concert. I was wondering about that.. XD

oh and stevenica said that Yabu wrote the lyrics to a song and Hikaru composed for the song and apparently it’s a love song. Can’t wait to hear it! Didn’t both of them write, “Go!” ?


I was actually searching the net for Johnny’s Family Club website because I vaguely remembered going to some website for like official fanclub or something because I was trying to find the address so I could send a fan letter.. anyway, I stumbled on this useful site. It’s a Tackey fansite and it has a lot of stuff.


To the important part!!!!


FINALLY! Information about how people in Japan subscribed to the J-web! Not that I really understand it that well because I don’t live in Japan or have a cellphone so I don’t understand but I still found this useful because no one ever talks about how they get J-webs in the LJ communities except that it’s through a Japanese cellphone.

ANYWAY. here’s a link to it and scroll down to Johnny’s web. I assume that it applies to all of the artists and not only Tackey. (Although I didn’t know that other artists HAVE J-webs.. I kind of assume HSJ were the only ones…) Anyway yeah. I feel accomplished. lol. yes. Accomplished because I discovered this clue. oh and as for what HSJ’s corner would be called.. I’m guessing… JUMPaper? No one uses that term lately except for me.. but I only used it cuz that’s what people in the beginning called it before they switched it to J-web.. so yeah.

ANYWAY~ hope that was helpful!! oh and don’t ask how to access Tackey’s J-web translations on that site because I don’t know and its like almost 4 in the morning so I”m sleeping. nite~