Remember the shock last year about the photo scandal? Here’s a link to the wiki page in case you don’t remember but I highly doubt anyone forgot. Here’s a list of the girl victims to the scandal..

Anyway I’m not sure if this is true, but my friend was telling me a few days ago how he had his hearing in Vancouver, Canada because everyone wants him dead in HK. lol. Apparently one of the girls that he did was the daughter of a mobster head.Another is a daughter of a big company’s CEO. One of the two slept with him when she was underaged.. I think it was Vincy Yeung? She’s 19 right now and she’s at Boston University. Supposedly his current girlfriend but well.. I haven’t found any news whether she still is.. all I know is that Edison proposed to her a bunch of times and threatened to slit his wrists if she didnt’ marry him. She said no btw. (I wonder how she coped during school… though I doubt any Americans really knew about the scandal or even who Edison I’m sure she’s fine)

ANYWAY. the point I wanted to make was that my friend started talking to me about Jackie Chan and HIS dark side. like seriously.. we’re talking about Jackie Chan… like Rush Hour’s Jackie? like Shanghai Knight’s Jackie? Like JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES!?

so like whattt?? Jackie’s been and has always been sleeping around was a total shock. I didn’t even know about the whole illigetimate daughter he has with an actress, Elaine Ng, and how he doesn’t acknowledge the daughter as his even though she really is his. Here’s a link for more info about that. Anyway..I was just shocked that he sleeps around, especially since he’s so old now.. Anyway, apparently that’s why he didn’t say much about the Edison Chen scandal cuz he slept with Gillian too~

You know I never really thought big time celebrities will be sleeping around.. well actually that’s a lie. I mean come on, how else did some of the advance in life or vent out their stress?  Not only that but there are JE rumors going around about how some of KAT-TUN and NEWS people have been sleeping around and all that jazz.. and remember the Ohno scandal? lol.. celebrities.. =___=;;

Makes me wonder though.. who else isn’t innocent? Well Lee Hom definately is. He doesn’t have the time of the day do anything that scandalous. I believe Jay Chou too.

And seriously.. I dont’ understand why people would take pictures of themselves having sex. like seriously what’s the point? o___O Totally reminds me of Miley Cyrus and her asian racist photo.. celebrities should just stop taking pictures if they want to live. =____________=