Ninkyo Helper Special Episode

November 29, 2010

credits to japan_now

Not sure if you have ever heard of the series, Ninkyo Helper, but you should definitely watch it. It’s about a bunch of yakuza who want to be the head of the yakuza, kumicho. But in order to be considered, they need to train by helping out at a nursing home.

I really liked it because of the interesting take on Japanese life that doesn’t really get talked about. With Japan being the number one country with the most elderly, there is a bigger problem on what to do with them.

Anyway, it’s a drama that was aired last year, and I’m glad they’re having a special. It’ll definitely be interesting to know what happened to everyone.


credits to Parkminnie @ WP

According to Japan_now, Horikita Maki will play the female lead in the movie adaptation of Byakuyako, based on a famous novel written by Higashino Keigo. Higashino has written many other works that were later turned into drama series adaptations such as Ryusei no Kizuna and Galileo, both of which are some of my favorite Japanese drama series.

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So you’ve been watching all those dramas online on Viikii or Mysoju or Drama-crazy. Sometimes they work, sometimes the link is broken and you just can’t watch it. Or for some series on Viikii, because of copyrights, you can’t watch your episodes of Asian dramas until a month later (aka Creating Destiny).

So where can you direct download them?

The answer is Let’s look.

Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Korean dramas, all with English (or for some of them, French) subtitles. Most of them are soft subs (and in case you don’t know what that means, it means that the subtitles are embedded into the video file but rather a separate file).It also have the latest series like “Will It Snow for Christmas?”

But this forum doesn’t only have dramas, it has movies and variety shows all over Asia. Although the majority are Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese/Chinese.

CAUTION: Due to the large library of dramas they have and most of the episodes are uploaded onto MegaUpload.. you’re bound to repeated bump into the “Download limit exceeded” page a LOT. Also, if you are still in school or have a job, please don’t drop out or get fired because of downloading and watching dramas. And I mean it and don’t think it’s impossible because it is.

Looking for good Korean drama reviews, news, and episode summaries that’s updated frequently? Dramabeans is the site to follow. There are also downloads for ringtones and other news about actors and writers.

CAUTION: You’re going to love Dramabeans.

Looking for an active site that delivers Taiwan Entertainment news? Celsius Thoughts is a great blog by Celsius that is updated frequently on the latest Taiwan dramas and news updates from Fahrenheit to Autumn’s Concerto. She also sometimes gives episode summaries for those that want a quick look at the episode.

CAUTION: Since it’s on blogspot, I usually find it hard to follow because I check wordpress and LJ more frequently than blogspot, but if you have a gmail account or a blogger already, then all you have to do is subscribe to it and it’ll be an easy follow.

Don’t know how to download high quality drama episodes from Torrents? Nomanymore provides a various amount of popular series through direct download. All you need to do is download the different parts and use HJSplit to link them all together. Besides drama, TV shows and music are also available for download.

CAUTION: Read the rules, otherwise it’ll be a little more tricky to download.

Heh heh. well this is all gossip but just think! season 1 people might be back! Personally I rather see Matsujun be back and have him make a move on Yankumi. XD loolll. XD XD but yeah..

so despite the horrible season 3 of gokusen and the over repetitive-ness of the storyline… I might consider watching it if Oguri is back. XD

Here’s the full post.

Mendol.. ROFLMAO…

December 15, 2008

lol.. oh wow.. The whole concept or plotline of this drama is hilarious and I wonder why no one thought of doing this before.. lol.. It’s basically about how three girls want to be idols but they end up debuting as a male visual kei band or idol. loool. and the hilarious part is that they look like cute guys. lool.. XD totally making fun of the fact that nowadays most girls like cute girly looking guys. loooooool…


Anyway not exactly the type of drama I was looking for but I thought it was worth mentioning about. You can definately tell that they’re the same people but yet at the same time..

DOESN”T THE “GUY” ON THE RIGHT LOOK LIKE CHINEN?! The one in the middle looks like YAMADA!.. or am I the only one that thinks so?

I bet these girls could totally dress up as guys and a bunch of fangirls might mistaken them for Chinen and Yamada.. XD except I’m pretty sure the girls are taller than them so it would be funny if someone mistakes them and was like omg~ Chinen and Yamada grew taller! loool. ahahhah

Good Drama WANTED!!!

December 12, 2008

Long Love Letter was such a good drama despite the whole time travel and really bad graphics of the monster.. but it was so good. I didn’t even realize Yamapi starred in it until the middle of the episode..

Although I realized that Yamapi has always had the same roles.. It’s either playful or the serious popular guy.. or a mix.. It’s really annoying. I wish he was like Matsujun, who can play a lot of different roles. I mean seriously.. Yamapi needs to get a role that’s not silly or serious but somethign else. He needs to add another dimension to his character.. sigh. Sometimes I feel like he’s not even acting but he’s being himself.. like I can seriously imagine him like that in real life..

Anyway.. break is starting and I NEED A NEW DRAMA!!! something GOOD like Maou or The 1st shop of coffee prince or Long love letter.

btw, this guy is so hot.. he even played my fav character in GTO. Oh, he played the teacher in Long Love Letter. It was sooo kute.


He’s as old as Lee Hom. Too bad he hasnt’ been doing many dramas.. I really liked him in Long Love Letter.. He’s been doing movies lately but I haven’t seen them yet..

I forget if I mentioned this awesome guy: KANATA HONGO!!!

credits: uh.. I just got it from a Friendster...

btw does anyone know if this is real? His Friendster.. Maki has one too and apparently he’s friends with her on friendster? I don’ t know.. there’s always a bunch of fake ones online… so yeah. He was in Prince of Tennis and Nana 2. Totally looked like Ryoma and Shin… He was great in Seigi no Mikata.. That was the best drama ever ❤ lol.. wow he’s thin..



Any suggestions?