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So after performing at Kohaku back in December, JE is putting a lot on the line by making NYC Boys official without their backup group, B.I. Shadow. You can read the official article here.

Although I’m not too surprised that B.I. Shadow isn’t debuting with NYC Boys, since they were just a back up group and didn’t really have as much of a significant part, the fact that NYC is going to be official is a little unnerving.

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Scans Archive!

February 1, 2009

Creating the HSJ translations archive made me realize that it would be useful for a magazine/pamphlet/photo scan archive since sometimes people would repost what has already been posted, making it really annoying. Plus, this way everyone can figure out what scans are missing and don’t need to bother to search because I already did!

It’s still in progress as I still need to go through other communities and things, BUT most of the HSJ magazine scan links are up. I hope that sometime I’ll include all the other groups, but that’ll take me a while. Anyway if you find any broken links, tell me~ I won’t be able to fix them if I don’t know about them. Also, if some of them aren’t HQ (High Quality) scans, tell me.

Anwyay I think I procrastinated enough.. hope you enjoy the links page!

Mendol.. ROFLMAO…

December 15, 2008

lol.. oh wow.. The whole concept or plotline of this drama is hilarious and I wonder why no one thought of doing this before.. lol.. It’s basically about how three girls want to be idols but they end up debuting as a male visual kei band or idol. loool. and the hilarious part is that they look like cute guys. lool.. XD totally making fun of the fact that nowadays most girls like cute girly looking guys. loooooool…


Anyway not exactly the type of drama I was looking for but I thought it was worth mentioning about. You can definately tell that they’re the same people but yet at the same time..

DOESN”T THE “GUY” ON THE RIGHT LOOK LIKE CHINEN?! The one in the middle looks like YAMADA!.. or am I the only one that thinks so?

I bet these girls could totally dress up as guys and a bunch of fangirls might mistaken them for Chinen and Yamada.. XD except I’m pretty sure the girls are taller than them so it would be funny if someone mistakes them and was like omg~ Chinen and Yamada grew taller! loool. ahahhah

YAAYY! done~ This time the translation was from KATY’s chinese translation but I got it off of Happytown’s site. Here’s the link to the Chinese translation. And as usual, please credit pocco-moco and me. Actually just say “credit to kamiki_crepes“.

Anyway. yeah. I’m going to try to translate more cuz finals are over!!!! w00t!! yay!

oh yeah and new layout if you haven’t noticed~ Even though I spent so long on my banner, I like this layout’s easier on the eyes to read..

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omg~ FINALLY FINISHED!! after like starting to translate it since september or late august. ugh. Hikaru sure write a lot and dam school makes ppl sooo busy. Anyway thank you pocco_mocco for all the editing cuz my chinese sux.

Anyway Hikaru ❤

And yes this is once again, a translation of Happytown’s chinese translation of the JUMPaper by Hikaru. hurrah. and as usual, please credit pocco-moco and me. Actually just say “credit to kamiki_crepes“. Kamiki_crepes is a new community that we formed to post up all of our translations. I’ll still post up the translations I took part of in here.. but yeah.

BEWARE: it’s LONNNNNNNG!! but it makes you love them all more. ^______^

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August 6, 2008

Ahaha. You learn something new everyday~

#1 Apparently Hikaru has friends in China and Korea! totally did NOT know that. You think he’s talking about fans? or like ppl who sent him fan letters? OR DOES HE GO TO A PENPAL WEBSITE?! if he does, that’ll be soo kool. Although I doubt anyone would say online. lol. or maybe he goes online when he’s bored and surfs forums, but if he does, it’ll prolly be music forums and not sites about him.

#2 You know the Wink Up translation Pocco and I did? Apparently someone else already did it and they did all of the other sections too. loool. whoops. but now I know the feeling ppl get when they start translating something and find out it was already translated. At least you can see how accurate ppl are.

#3 Happytown is a great site for ppl who can read chinese and are fans of Hikaru. Happytown also has lots of really nice quality scans. like REALLY nice quality scans of EVERYTHING related to HSJ, whether its shop photos, magazines, or photobooks.

#4 Smalltownsburns translates a lot of HSJ magazine articles. lol. Except she stopped posting them up in the hey_say community, so I didn’t know that a lot of stuff was already translated.

#5 Chinen calls Keito, “Katie”. ROFLMAO. XD

Eek! Ohno-kun~~ ><

July 28, 2008


It’s another JE scandal and this time with Ohno-kun. Very BAD timing too. If it gets any worse it’ll affect the plans for Arashi to sing the Olympic song and all of their other activities.

but the photos are from 2005… so maybe the consequences won’t be that bad? and everyone was saying that he seems more drunk than high, so the chance of him being suspended isn’t that bad, right? I mean he was old enough back then right? so he’ll still be with Arashi? TT___TT maybe?

geh. I just thought of another though.. I wonder if Chinen knows about it… probably.. although I don’t think those photos are appropriate for someone of his age.. wonder what he’ll think. TT__TT He was like Ohno’s #1 fan too. T_T

Here’s a link to the Fybabe’s post on the article. If you can read Japanese, she has a scan of the article.