September 27, 2010

If you couldn’t tell already, I have decided to discontinue updating the blog and the archives. I apologize for not notifying you sooner. Although if you knew about this blog before, you probably have realized that I kind of disappeared since end of May 2010.

Anyway, even though I’m not updating, if you have any questions, I will still answer them. It’s just that I am not as interested in HSJ, or JE in general anymore and so I would rather spend my time doing things I’m interested in. I will leave the blog up so that you can still have access to the old archives.

Thank you and sorry.

Oh and if you’re interested in taking over the job as HSJ’s translation and scan archiver, please tell me. Although, I’m sure by now, there is already a new archiver for HSJ community.


No new updates

December 24, 2009

Hey everyone,

sorry for the lack of updates on my archives. The past couple of weeks have been Finals week, so I didn’t have enough time to spend on the internet to update the archives. It’s break right now and I’ve been slowly recovering from spending all my energy on Finals. So… I haven’t had a chance to update.

And to answer the question all of you guys might be wondering..

When am I going to update it?

I’ll update it this Friday or Saturday.

Although because I missed two weeks, I do apologize beforehand, in case I missed an update between the last time I updated and what I will update this week.

Anyway thanks and sorry to keep you waiting. Just wait a few more days and I hope you enjoy your Christmas!

Updated! Finally~

August 29, 2009


so I finally updated both archives. Sorry for taking like a 3 week break. lol. Anyway, it’s now active.

However, I might be missing a few links since I didn’t realize that LJ doesn’t keep track of more than the last 280 entries.. sooo yeah.. =__=;; whoops. oh well. But I linked most of the stuff!

Hey guys, you probably noticed but I haven’t updated the archives for like a week or two. I apologize but I’ve been busy with work for the past weekends. I’ll have something up this weekend though, preferably tomorrow, otherwise Saturday.

I should have posted this earlier so you’ll know but I forgot. lol. Anyway, as much as I would love to do it tonight, I need to catch up on my lack of sleep. (I know, crazy right? It’s summer vacation but I already got myself into another sleep debt!! gahhhhh!!!!!)

So I realized that there were a lot of interesting information out there concerning members of HSJ that just didn’t really fit into the translation or scan archives. Thus, I created profiles with little bits of trivia to accommodate those pieces of interesting information that would appeal to new fans. They are still in the making and since I’m not as much of a fan for any of them besides Yaotome Hikaru, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to have a complete profile.

Of course, someone on the internet could you know, actually update wikipedia with little credit links to every single magazine translation. That way new fans can get a little spark notes overview of their idol..

I’m sure most people already knew or saw Yaotome’s page.. so I added Takaki Yuya’s and Okamoto Keito’s new page. There really isn’t anything in there besides links to information like info that a person researched on Keito’s mom or respreading pics of Takaki’s ex-girlfriend.

.. although truthfully, those links are for me to remember where I have read that information and that way if anyone asks, I could easily find the link and don’t have to plow through community’s posts to find that specific entry.

Yep. Of course I would welcome anyone who wants to contribute. Otherwise, I’m just going to slowly.. VERY slowly add onto their pages. (For those that have seen my page for Hikaru, you know how slowly I updated that. XD)

Also another thing, I would have added the trivia to the beginning of my HSJ page and relocate my translation archive to its own page but because of the amount of people who probably bookmarked that page.. I will probably keep it the way it is, until it really DOES get too much to handle.

So I’m thinking about maybe writing episodes summaries for dramas that I’ll be watching. Even though episode summaries totally spoil everything, for people who don’t have time to watch through the episode or want to rewatch their favorite parts but don’t know which ep, I think episode summaries are useful.

Anyway BEFORE I even start on doing that, I figure I should compile a nice page of awesome dramas/movies/TV shows for everyone. Although I have to admit, some of the stuff isn’t THAT great. I’m sort of more of keeping a list of all the dramas I have ever watched. XD

I’m not sure if anyone else knows but since YouTube is cracking down on videos and more and more people are sharing but requesting to have thier subbed videos not put up on video sharing sites, it’s harder to find videos in general. I linked out to some LJs that share the videos on the page. But I”m thinking that I’ll start having spotlights. I highly doubt anyone who stumbles upon this blog even look at my blogroll which has a lot of useful sites.


basically meaning…

COMING SOON: episode summaries, website spotlights, music spotlights (which I’ve sorta already done), actor spotlights (I might turn them into pages but I highly doubt it.. that’ll be too much.. besides I think my pages should be reserved for HSJ and lists)

So look forward! (except not too forward because it really depends on how much time I spend. loooool… )


May 9, 2009

apparently.. this blog was #100 for top growing blogs of the day for May 2, 2009..

woooooooooooow…. totally didn’t expect that! but it’s all thanks to you guys who are reading right~


thank you~

Anyway, I promise over the summer, I’ll update this more with real content so you’re not here only for the HSJ archives. 



Links Updates!

February 22, 2009

Hey people~

Just wanted to say that I updated some of the scan links. I’m still working on putting links to all of the photo scans but at least all the magazine scans are pretty up to date. I clumped all the Scrap Teacher and Gokusen scans together since there were a lot that didn’t have the title or dates of the magazines. So it’s in a mess and the best I could do is just number them. BUT for the ones that had dates, I put listed them with all of the other magazine scan links. so yep!

Anyway wow people are updating a whole lot lately. Just to tell you, I probably won’t update the archives until the end of the week and if I update earlier.. well that just means I’m procrastinating on homework. ahahhah… yeah.

Scans Archive!

February 1, 2009

Creating the HSJ translations archive made me realize that it would be useful for a magazine/pamphlet/photo scan archive since sometimes people would repost what has already been posted, making it really annoying. Plus, this way everyone can figure out what scans are missing and don’t need to bother to search because I already did!

It’s still in progress as I still need to go through other communities and things, BUT most of the HSJ magazine scan links are up. I hope that sometime I’ll include all the other groups, but that’ll take me a while. Anyway if you find any broken links, tell me~ I won’t be able to fix them if I don’t know about them. Also, if some of them aren’t HQ (High Quality) scans, tell me.

Anwyay I think I procrastinated enough.. hope you enjoy the links page!

Littlix! is gone?!

December 29, 2008

Wow.. I’m really late in this but the forum Littlix is gone! I guess I should have checked more often but I never thought such a big forum will disappear because of server problems.. sad too because it had a lot of news/info.. here’s a link to the admin’s post about it.

I’m not sure if the fanletter address is right since the forum is gone so yeah. Anyway I put the address on the Hey Say JUMP page for people in case they decided to send a letter~

So merry christmas and happy new year! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. This break has been as busy as school @_@ I practically travelled everywhere and only met 9 of my high school friends out of only two days of my break. bleh. well and I suppose that my love for HSJ is dwindling a bit (sort of)…actually JE in general.. there’s just no time for it lately.

BUT no worries. I’ll start translating again soon~