New Music Discovery~

March 20, 2009

Remember the song by Dohzi-T feat. BENI? もう一度と..? I saw on youtube there was one that was called もう二度と. I totally thought that people spelled the song wrong and I was like, wow people cant’ even tell how to write 1 and 2. lol.. then I found out it was BENI’s new song. It’s pretty good. You should listen to it.

Anyway Universal Music has their own Youtube account and uploaded all of the MVs.. which I might add, wow that’s a good way to promote! I found out about so many! Like Spontania! <3<3<3 (Actually I heard one of thier songs when I was listening to the top 50 songs by OriconGoddess on Youtube. She’s so awesome. She uploaded snipbits of all of the top 50 songs on the chart! Such a good way to promote <3)

This is one of my fav songs by Spontania~

(Edit: You’re goign to have to click here because Universal Music doesn’t want their MVs to be embedded.. which totally SUCKS!)

Although this one is prolly more famous

Anyway I also relearned about GReeeeN. lol. Like I heard of them but I never listened to their music. I saw them on Hey Hey Hey once and they were the ones that didn’t show their faces in public but wore masks instead. Anyway their music is pretty good. I like Kiseki.

Did you know that all four of the guys are dentists? Btw their logo is so good, but at the same time that’s what made me hesitant to listen to their music. lool. XD Anyway they dont’ show their faces because they want to keep their dentist lives seperate from music because they dont’ want rabid fangirls in their clinics.

Anyway I feel like I’m graduating from listening to music that I like because of the celebrities faces to their voice. Yes, I was shallow before. How else do you think I got into JE and thier music? XD but I’m still a fan of JE, esp HSJ. lol. XD but I’ll say it again, I like them more for their faces and personalities.. but that’s because they have a long way to go and who’s to blame? that’s how JE makes their money!

And if there’s one person in the world that managed to make money not through awesome cds covers or graphics or extras.. it would be Utada Hikaru. Because dam her new album has an ugly disgusting cover.. yeah okay I’ll stop talking about it… I’m sooo becoming a graphic designer to fight that kind of ugliness. 

Oh yeah here‘s one last song that I discovered and liked. I couldn’t find a lot of info about them though..