I’m sorry,but WHAT?!

February 7, 2009

I just catching up on news on jpopasia.com when I stumbled on this shocking thing..

“Ayumi’s Ex-boyfriend is Becoming her Step-Father

Ayumi Hamasaki revealed that her mother may be getting into a second marriage, and the man she will be marrying was Hamasaki’s ex-boyfriend from high school!

Hamasaki’s stepfather-to-be is a staff at her mother’s sundry shop and their love blossomed with time. It was said that the couple’s relationship is stable and may be getting married soon. Hamasaki is also known to be supportive of this marriage beyond age barriers.

According to Japan media reports, Hamasaki’s father walked out on the family when she was a child and her mother had raised her alone. The two ladies went through much suffering together and share a close bond. Lately, her mother did not just find success in her career but also a new man to take care of her. Hamasaki revealed the news at the Avex Music annual general meeting and put her colleagues in utter disbelief.

Sources reveal, her mother’s new life partner was Hamasaki’s classmate in high school at Fukuoka and they had even dated. The relationship ended when she went to Tokyo to pursue her dreams. This man, who later went to the University of Tokyo, approached Hamasaki’s mother for help after his graduation and she offered him a job at the sundry shop, where their feelings and love for each other gradually developed with time.”

credits to dilachan @ jpopasia.com

um yeah. like seriously.. WHAT?!~~~~ sounds like something from a drama or manga.. like seriously… it must have been SOOOO awkward for all three of them. Crazy stuff. seriously crazy stuff!