HSJ became AKB48?

March 29, 2010

Due to a rumor of HSJ doing a guerrilla concert in Takeshita, there was a massive stampede causing 3 girls to be sent to the hospital after complaining about nausea and chest pains. However, the press quickly changed the articles saying that  it was actually AKB48, not HSJ. Like what this article says on CNNgo, it is quite possible that JE did do a cover up and because it was a rumor that started it all, the press can put any name and replace it. After all, who wants to have a stampede of crazed fans that caused injuries to be associated with an idol group? Then again, I don’t see why that matters.. because there are always incidents that are similar.. such as tons of people fainting at concerts…  The other possibility is that, maybe the press just got it wrong in the first place and it was originally AKB48.. but no offense, JE is more popular for most women and girls. @_@ So I’m not sure if they would really get that excited for AKB48…then again, if it was a rumor about guerrilla concert, then… that means it’s free.. and well I would love to go to a free concert. lol..

Anyway, wow.

The power of information.