So far, there are two concerts that I know of where Asian pop stars are coming to the US to perform this summer!!


Akanishi Jin!

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He’ll be in LA at Club Nokia for three shows and rumor has it that he might even perform at some clubs during his time there. He’ll be singing in both Japanese and English.

Saturday June 19th: 6PM
Sunday June 20th: 1PM and 6PM

You can get tickets starting on April 15th on Ticketmaster or AllAmericanTickets

With such a big new move for JE, think Johnny himself will be there? He was at the show Jin did for international fans in Japan… so maybe? After all, according to Japan_now, the concert IS Johnny’s brainchild. Maybe if it goes well, JE will consider bringing Arashi and NEWS to the US! After all, it only took the success of that one concert in Japan to accept United Television Broadcasting (UTB)’s invitation to have Jin perform in LA. Maybe Jin’s concerts will open the road for other JE idols to come. Exciting don’t you think? They’re expanding outside of Asia too!

I think the question right now is , do you think he’ll make it? Will he manage to fill most of the 2,300 seats? Well, he definitely has a higher chance than the other JE idols considering that he can speak English more fluently than the others since he spent time here. He already has a fanbase from his roles in Gokusen 2 and other works… And considering that there are plenty of JE fans that were able to go to the press release for Matsujun in LA for his movie two years ago, I think there will be enough people that will fill the place. He has friends from his time studying abroad in LA too.


Wonder Girls with 2PM as opening act!

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At times, I wish I wasn’t such an Allkpop avid reader as they had my hopes up when they mentioned 2AM might be opening as well, but they aren’t. They’re already busy with their recent hit single and need to keep strengthening their fanbase in Korea. Plus, I’m sure JoKwon has a contract with We Got Married and likewise with JinWoon with Mankae Rebellion.. so they wouldn’t be able to prepare to go overseas for multiple months. But, 2PM is still opening, which will be awesome and I can’t wait! I already got my ticket for the concert! Did you? You can get it at Live Nation or Ticketmaster! Better hurry, they might have already been sold out. VIP tickets allow you for a meet and greet too!

Anyway according to their official website, WG so far will be hitting 9 cities.

“Wonder Girls World Tour 2010” – 9 confirmed cities

Fri, 04-June-2010: Washington DC / Warner Theater
Sat,05-June-2010: Atlanta / Tabernacle
Sun,06-June-2010: New York / Hammerstein
Tue, 08-June-2010: Chicago / House of Blues
Wed, 09-June-2010: Houston / House of Blues
Thr, 10-June-2010: Dallas / House of Blues
Fri, 11-June-2010: Los Angeles / Palladium
Sat, 12-June-2010: Anaheim, CA / House of Blues
Sun, 13-June-2010: San Francisco / The Fillmore

I’m really glad that JYP is having this world tour. I don’t actually know how popular WG is in America… but I’m sure they got lots of love from during the time as opening act for Jonas Brothers. With 2PM as opening act for WG, they’ll be able to recover from the whole scandal and gain lots of support internationally. I think it’s a great move for JYP.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see the Wonder Girls again! And this time, I will be able to hear them sing live for more than one song!! Although, paying $20 and going to the Jonas Brothers Concert to see them wasn’t that bad since I got to take pics with WG and JYP. Hopefully this concert this summer will be a better venue too…

Akanishi Jin

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I’m sorry, what?? He wants to debut in America? Nope. Wrong~ He’s bringing America to Japan with a side thought of having a concert into America. Read the rest of this entry »