* Name: Hikaru Yaotome (八乙女光)
* Profession: Singer
* Date of birth: December 2, 1990
* Birthplace: Miyagi
* Height: 172cm(5ft7)
* Weight: 53kg
* Blood type: O
* Former Group: Ya-Ya-yah
* Current group: Hey! Say! JUMP, Hey! Say! BEST
* Talent agency: Johnny & Associates

(If you take any of the scans, credit me! and no, I didn’t take the paparazzi photos myself. I wish though XD)
profile info credits to wikipedia


>Favorite color is green
>Has a toy car collection
>Likes Western music
>Wrote the lyrics of Ya-ya-yah’s song “今進もう (Ima susumou)
>Friends with Miura Haruma in high school (Pictures here)
>Doesn’t like cats
>Has a regular column with Yabu in TV Life since January 2009 called “Yabu & Hika Onegai Kingdom
>Likes playing billiards/pool since SUMMARY 2008
>Composed the music for “Tears and Smile” while Yabu wrote the lyrics. (avi/mp3 download here)
>Wrote the rap section of the song “Score” while Yabu wrote the rest of the lyrics

More will be updated later~

Links Out

* = In Chinese, [ ] = LJ friend-locked

For magazine translations, go to hey_say!, chuushite, jump_daisuki
For subbed videos related to Hikaru, go to newshfan, *happytown
For daily/weekly updates focused on Hikaru, go visit Pyrefly, *happytown
For magazine/shop photo scans, go to boys_paper,

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7 Responses to “Yaotome Hikaru 八乙女 光”

  1. anime Says:

    happy birthday hikaru-san.your birthday is same as me.i hope you enjoy with your birthday ne…i’m younger than you only 5 years.

  2. lizz Says:

    he dont like green color.he hated it.where did u got the info?

    • krooxy Says:

      he said it in one of the earliest magazine interviews after their debut as HSJ. I can go find it if you REALLY want to know exactly which magazine.

      Where did you get the info that he hates it?

  3. star co0ol Says:


  4. fatima Says:

    like me he is same my born 1-12-1990
    but real my born 2-12 -1990 in 4:00am

  5. izumi Says:

    Hello.. i have a Request to make.. I know this is a bit sudden but Can i request for the first picture on the top be change into a much newer one because my friend keeps saying about it ruins the first impression of HSJ! and i also agree this is not the best pictures of yaotome. That’s all.Thanks so much!

    • izumi Says:

      Just the first one though. Sorry for the sudden request its because of my friend who worries a lot of the image of HSJ. Thank You

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