* Name: Okamoto Keito (岡本圭人)
* Profession: Singer
* Date of birth: April 1, 1993
* Birthplace: Osaka
* Height: 173cm (5ft7)
* Weight: ????
* Blood type: O
* Current group: Hey! Say! JUMP, Hey! Say! 7
* Talent agency: Johnny & Associates

profile info credit to wikipedia


>Keito’s mom is model Nishi Katsue and Keito’s dad is Kenichi Okamoto, who was also part of JE

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5 Responses to “Okamoto Keito 岡本 圭人”

  1. onnanoko Says:

    Okamoto-Kun wa kakkoi ja nai….

  2. Jenny Says:

    It’s so sad that his parents divorced )=

  3. Eva Says:

    Okamoto-senpai is cool! Dakedo, Nakajima-senpai is still ichiban for me. Actually, everyone in Hey Say Jump, I like a lot! Maybe I should get a livejournal account? That’s beside the point… Hey Say Jump is a great group, everyone should feel very proud of their singing and dancing talent! Being an idol seems like it’d be hard work, but also a lot of fun. I’ve seen a few videos of you all hanging out in your freetime, you’re all really funny.^^
    When I go to Japan someday, I’ll look forward to your concert!

  4. Eva Says:

    Reading aloud what I typed and posted, it sounds weird. Like a robot, I think! I guess I’m nervous. >.<" But I meant everything I said in the message. I really do admire you all! I live in America, of course the books are in english. I'm trying to find a copy of Wai Wai Hey Say Jump, but I'm not having any luck. Maybe at Uwajimaya in Seattle? I ought to try that. I'm rambling, sorry! Back on topic, ahem. ^^" 5"7, huh? You're just a bit taller than me, by an inch or so. Cool! Oh, please pardon my rambling…

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