Thank you 2PM <3

August 16, 2010

2PM made song just for their fanclub Hottests. ❤

Apparently it was sung at their first solo concert, according to Allkpop. I’m really glad they’re making it available to buy.

I could listen to this forever. You can really hear their gratitude for all the fans around the world. Here are the lyrics in case you’re interested.

If I heard this at a concert, I think I’ll cry.


yay! Shimizu Shota has another song out! well actually he was featured in Miliyah Kato’s song, “Love Forever”. She’s apparently only a year older than him.. I don’t know about you, but I totally thought she was older..

Anyway watch the MV! I really like the song~

The MV is alright.. I dislike her white dress outfit, but the MV overall isn’t that bad. I’ve seen worse.

Another awesome song is by Spontania! well actually it’s Yuna Ito featuring Spontania but I love Spontania~~ 

Anyway the MV is AWESOME~~~~~~~~ 

I didn’t realize how old Spontania was until I saw this MV. They looked so young in their Saiyonara MV though.. but anyway glad they’ve been getting popular and got more money so that they can get the quality of an MV that their song deserves~~ ❤

I’m not really sure about the storyline and I was looking at the lyrics.. so what i’m guessing is..

Girl A who opens the box is the girl in the red swimsuit and she’s good friends with Girl B and Boy. Girl B likes Boy and confessed to Boy or found out that Boy likes Girl A. Girl A overheard and is troubled because she knows that Girl B likes Boy and she doesn’t like Boy? or she does like Boy and is glad but doesn’t want to ruin friendship with Girl B? So anyway Girl A gets into a fight with Girl B and Boy comes over to comfort her and confesses to Girl A that he likes her and tries to kiss her but Girl A can’t forget about her good friend Girl B and pushes Boy away. Girl B hates Girl A and Girl A goes to practice swimming to get rid of her stress. Girl B comes over and challenges her. Girl A starts winning but realizes that she doesn’t want to compete anymore and lose Girl B and Boy as friends and decides to forget it and run away. In the end Girl A loses both and they never reconcile.. or maybe Girl A liked Boy and lost to Girl B because she chose friend over Boy, but even now she still likes Boy?

Iono. it’s confusing, but makes me want to watch it more.


Check out Spontania’s other music. It’s good. And you should check out One Love by Dohzi-T feat Shimizu Shota.. good stuff too. ❤

okay wow. Talk about coincidences.. check out this tribute video:

Yes. It is Hikaru and Minho! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I didn’t actually think that someone would also like the exact two people that I liked!! Although I guess maybe it’s because even though they have different personalities and stuff, they’re similar types of guys???


Oh yeah, don’t suppose anyone knows the fanmail address for SHINee?

I know that I can prolly look through the international forums, but is there any HQ scans of the magazine from this video? which I thought was REALLY cute. XD and I loved Minho’s pose… so hot and total drawing material!!!!

sigh~ I really really want to make a clay model of Minho.. such nice bone structure

Here’s a link to the interview at their photoshoot.. no subs though..

Anyone know if anyone subbed the behind the scenes of their reality tv show? sigh, this is making me want to learn korean so I can understand.. aldkfj.

Also, is it just me or are there like 3 or 4 songs in their album that are remakes from other songs? They have similar tunes to other songs I’ve heard before….

You know, am I the only one that sometimes have trouble telling the difference between those two?

okay. Hold up. Before anyone starts getting angry, lemme say that I became a fan recently and don’t have the time to fully go all out fangirly and watch everything that SHINee’s in. Plus I don’t understand Korean so it’s not like I can watch the unsubbed videos. At least with Japanese, I can understand part of it.

Anyway, they look sooo similar!! I always have to hear them talk and act before I can tell who’s who. >< sigh.

  credits t[caption id=credits to darkdevil4bloodyvenus@WPcredits to darkdevil4bloodyvenus@WP

yeah. and if you couldn’t tell yourself, top is Onew and bottom is Key.

Oh and I really like thier song, Love’s Way. No MV but there’s eng subs.

lol. I like how I loved the song before I even understand the lyrics. lool..

edit: My favorite part is the part where Jonghyun sings “You’re my true love”<3


last note before I go back to homework.. I really hope Minho gets to do a LOT of dramas in the future. I think a lot of people are thinking he has the talent too. I mean seriously.. swoon~~~


credits to getlazy@wordpress (left to right: Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho, Key)

credits to getlazy@wordpress (left to right: Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho, Key)




I feel like I’m betraying JE by being brainwashed and converted to K-pop due to various groups.. like SHINee! Watch this video. You’ll love them too. (Well actually, if you’re into looks, that’s prolly not the best video to watch since they all have bad haircuts making them all look the same except for Jonghyun. =___=…) It’s the best song ever btw ❤ oh yeah and Rino Nakasone from Beat Freakz from America’s Best Dance Crew season 3 was the choreographer.

This is another one of my favorite songs! No MV though. Romantic!

But seriously, they’re awesome. You have to watch their reality TV show. There’s 35 videos but it’s totally worth it!!! Here’s a link to the playlist but yeah. If you’re too lazy, just watch ep 8 and the last ep. It’s so kute. I love Minho! ❤ But seriously.. watch all of it if you don’t want to miss anything.

Personally, I prefer SHINee compared to U-Kiss. Even if U-Kiss is more talented in language.. I feel like SHINee has better company songwriters, MV directors, and overall promoters… but that’s cuz SHINee is from SM entertainment..  still.. they have better training? iono.. U-Kiss has a long way to go to reach that level… and is it just me or does U-Kiss seem to look younger than SHINee? (Even though they’re the same age and a little older than SHINee)

credits to sohotonasia@wordpress

credits to sohotonasia@wordpress

well one thing’s for sure.. SHINee is definitely more popular since they have a HUGE international forum and won ALL of the newcomer awards for last year. Although Ukiss still has a very nice website and one of the members is the little brother of a member in SS501.

Either way, both groups have better clothing than JE.. especially when JE groups are having a concert with those gross clashing outfits. sigh. =___= They have so much money, it wouldn’t hurt to spend it on better clothes.. and maybe actually AIM to become international? Arashi, NEWS, and KAT-TUN have started doing that but come on.. they should be able to do better.. not only that but stop having the 1000000 mini kids on the stage.. especially for groups as big as HSJ. Too chaotic! alskdfjalds. Although JE gets a lot of points for having so many magazines dedicated to them. I still think they should work on other areas though. They already sold enough personality. Do better!

New Music Discovery~

March 20, 2009

Remember the song by Dohzi-T feat. BENI? もう一度と..? I saw on youtube there was one that was called もう二度と. I totally thought that people spelled the song wrong and I was like, wow people cant’ even tell how to write 1 and 2. lol.. then I found out it was BENI’s new song. It’s pretty good. You should listen to it.

Anyway Universal Music has their own Youtube account and uploaded all of the MVs.. which I might add, wow that’s a good way to promote! I found out about so many! Like Spontania! <3<3<3 (Actually I heard one of thier songs when I was listening to the top 50 songs by OriconGoddess on Youtube. She’s so awesome. She uploaded snipbits of all of the top 50 songs on the chart! Such a good way to promote <3)

This is one of my fav songs by Spontania~

(Edit: You’re goign to have to click here because Universal Music doesn’t want their MVs to be embedded.. which totally SUCKS!)

Although this one is prolly more famous

Anyway I also relearned about GReeeeN. lol. Like I heard of them but I never listened to their music. I saw them on Hey Hey Hey once and they were the ones that didn’t show their faces in public but wore masks instead. Anyway their music is pretty good. I like Kiseki.

Did you know that all four of the guys are dentists? Btw their logo is so good, but at the same time that’s what made me hesitant to listen to their music. lool. XD Anyway they dont’ show their faces because they want to keep their dentist lives seperate from music because they dont’ want rabid fangirls in their clinics.

Anyway I feel like I’m graduating from listening to music that I like because of the celebrities faces to their voice. Yes, I was shallow before. How else do you think I got into JE and thier music? XD but I’m still a fan of JE, esp HSJ. lol. XD but I’ll say it again, I like them more for their faces and personalities.. but that’s because they have a long way to go and who’s to blame? that’s how JE makes their money!

And if there’s one person in the world that managed to make money not through awesome cds covers or graphics or extras.. it would be Utada Hikaru. Because dam her new album has an ugly disgusting cover.. yeah okay I’ll stop talking about it… I’m sooo becoming a graphic designer to fight that kind of ugliness. 

Oh yeah here‘s one last song that I discovered and liked. I couldn’t find a lot of info about them though..

This is so awesome~~ She’s going to be in NYC on the 25th! which means I can go because SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!! hell yeah! She’s going to promote her album and have an autograph session at Sephora on 5th Ave.~~~

Oh yeah and even though it says to call the store, you don’t have to. I already did and she said that it’s first come first serve. It was actually pretty funny when I called because I think she had a lot of people calling her about Utada Hikaru. lool.. XD

Anyway.. what should I do~~ What should I get her to sign?! AHHHH!!! ><;;; and of course I’ll take pictures~ ❤


but uh…

You think it’ll be okay to tell her that for her next album to get a better graphic designer? o_____________O cuz seriously, this cover has horrible font and composition… BUT her MV is awesome! good quality!

Oh and for other people around the States, she’s stopping by these places too. All at Sephora.

Location: Hollywood & Highland 
6801 – Hollywood Blvd. 
Hollywood, CA 90028 
Time: 6-8PM 

Location: 597 5th Avenue 
New York, NY 10017 
Time: 6-8PM 


Location: 19575 Biscayne Blvd. 
Aventura, FL 33180 
Time: 7-9PM

Wow I was totally shocked to find that Tohoshinki did the new opening for One Piece. It was like the time when I found out that Tackey and Tsubasa did one of the opening songs too. Here’s a link to THSK’s “We Are” if you wanted to download it. I also didn’t know that there was a new MV/single, “Survivor”. Wow I’m behind the times, but I like it.

(Don’t you think its like a little.. iono.. J-rock style of clothing or feeling or dancing? maybe that’s just me.. although I should say anything since I haven’t seen much of J-rock.. it just doesn’t really feel like J-pop..)

Anyway it’s kind of funny because I don’t know anything about THSK but I love their songs..well.. 4 of them anyway. lol. Their looks are.. meh. not my cup of tea but that doesn’t matter because it’s all about their music! (Although when I say that, I feel like I’m insulting HSJ because I love them more for their personalities than their music.. =____=..)

mmm do they write their own songs? Apparently yes. Or at least Kiss the Sky Baby and 忘れないで! Anyway Check out Bolero! Here’s a link to the Movie Version MV. I like that one better than the one I posted below

Hikaru Graduated!!!

February 21, 2009


Hikaru graduated on Tuesday!!!! HURRAH!~~~ (yeah I know I’m late but life’s been busy recently)

Here’s a translation!

And here are pictures of a fan who was there~ all the credits to her! Read the rest of this entry »

I find it hilarious how just a few days ago I found about how Lollipop copied HSJ a year or two ago and now what do I stumble upon?! NEWS’ Nishikido Ryo solo song that he wrote/composed/arranged is extremely similar to ACIDMAN’s Slow Rain. You can listen to it yourself.

ACIDMAN’s Slow Rain

Nishikido Ryo’s Ordinary

My question is now what side would fans take? I mean seriously, Ryo has built up such a big loyal fanbase, there’s a high chance that fans will turn around and be like “It’s not possible for Ryo!” or “He just admires the group!” instead of being like “Tsk tsk tsk!”. Plus, everyone thinks Ryo is hot, so why would he ever copy? We should all forgive him.

If people seriously think that… wow the world is screwed. I wish I was some hot person so I can get away with everything. ❤

Anyway, I’m sorry fans but my take on this is that he really plagurized. Yes I loved him in all of the dramas and he’s hot but as for his skills for writing and composing? I’m skeptical and that applies to ALL of the people in JE and people who became famous for thier pretty face and voice only.

NOT that I’m an anti-fan or anything like that. I love ALLL the dramas and I believe they have talent! (well.. not so much of Yamapi and Takaki though… Yamapi can only act out 2 types of characters and Takaki needs to study harder on his character)