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You probably never heard of him, in fact there’s barely anything on the internet about him, but that’s because he hasn’t debuted yet. But he’s definitely someone to look out for especially he got signed to Sony Music two years ago.

Obi Tenaka, a singer and actor, has gained popularity in Japan by appearing on some famous TV shows including Hey Hey Hey Music Champ!, and has made a variety of appearances on Fuji TV and TV TOKYO. He made his splash in Japan when he was signed to Sony Music Entertainment Japan in late 2008 and has composed and written songs for commercials. He recently made an appearance for the CM Oronamin, which features Japanese idol Aya Ueto as the main cast. Obi has been noted for his affiliation with some top stars including Utada Hikaru, M-Flo, Chemistry, and many others. He has been referenced in blogs and events by some top actors and actresses in Japan and Korea including Erika Toda, Aragaki Yui, ARASHI, and Han Hyo Joo. His cousin is Crystal Kay, who is also a singer in Japan. He has said many times that Crystal Kay was his inspiration for entering the world of entertainment.

Obi Tenaka was born and raised in England on November 11, 1990. He is 1/4 Japanese, 1/4 Korean and 1/2 African American. After his birth, he and his family relocated to America for 2 years and then moved to Tokyo, Japan. At the age of 15, he auditioned for Avex but was declined. 3 years later, Obi once again auditioned for Avex but instead caught the eye of the SMEJ vice-president and received a sign-on contract for one of largest music labels in Japan.

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Did I mention the rumor that he got recruited or offered by Johnny’s Entertainment? How many times does JE actively recruit? Usually it’s the moms/sisters/friends that send in the applications and JE has to sift through all of them. I think it’s only been Matsujun that comes close to have been recruited. Except, he still applied. It’s just that when they saw his picture, they accepted him. Obi’s case… direct recruit?! He’s probably really good, if the rumor’s true. Either way, it seems like he already has many connections throughout the Entertainment World with many people supporting him as stated above in the mini-bio I just quoted.

Whether his skills will resonate with the public and gain world wide fame, only time can tell. For now, we can only wait for him to continue training and sharpen his skills, before showing off his true potential to the world.


[Singer Spotlight] JAY’ED

February 26, 2010

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Having been born to a Japanese father and New Zealander mother, JAY’ED has traveled frequently between the two countries since he was young. After seeing American R&B group, K-Ci & Jo-Jo perform in Osaka, Japan in 2005, he decided he wanted to become a singer. JAY’ED is currently signed to the TOY’S FACTORY label. Read the rest of this entry »

So you’ve been watching all those dramas online on Viikii or Mysoju or Drama-crazy. Sometimes they work, sometimes the link is broken and you just can’t watch it. Or for some series on Viikii, because of copyrights, you can’t watch your episodes of Asian dramas until a month later (aka Creating Destiny).

So where can you direct download them?

The answer is Let’s look.

Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Korean dramas, all with English (or for some of them, French) subtitles. Most of them are soft subs (and in case you don’t know what that means, it means that the subtitles are embedded into the video file but rather a separate file).It also have the latest series like “Will It Snow for Christmas?”

But this forum doesn’t only have dramas, it has movies and variety shows all over Asia. Although the majority are Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese/Chinese.

CAUTION: Due to the large library of dramas they have and most of the episodes are uploaded onto MegaUpload.. you’re bound to repeated bump into the “Download limit exceeded” page a LOT. Also, if you are still in school or have a job, please don’t drop out or get fired because of downloading and watching dramas. And I mean it and don’t think it’s impossible because it is.

Looking for good Korean drama reviews, news, and episode summaries that’s updated frequently? Dramabeans is the site to follow. There are also downloads for ringtones and other news about actors and writers.

CAUTION: You’re going to love Dramabeans.

Looking for an active site that delivers Taiwan Entertainment news? Celsius Thoughts is a great blog by Celsius that is updated frequently on the latest Taiwan dramas and news updates from Fahrenheit to Autumn’s Concerto. She also sometimes gives episode summaries for those that want a quick look at the episode.

CAUTION: Since it’s on blogspot, I usually find it hard to follow because I check wordpress and LJ more frequently than blogspot, but if you have a gmail account or a blogger already, then all you have to do is subscribe to it and it’ll be an easy follow.

Studying a foreign language but still not fluent enough? Need to practice your writing? Want to meet natives of the foreign language that you are studying? can solve all of your problems. It’s almost like all other blogs out there, LJ, WordPress, Xanga, Blogger, etc. Except, you write in the language you are studying in, while natives in that language help correct it, sentence by sentence. At the same time, you correct their English or whichever language you are studying in. Through this exchange, you can learn about their lifestyles, while they learn yours. Perhaps one day you might even become good friends and meet each other in real life.

CAUTION: Most people there are college students or businessmen who are trying to become fluent for jobs. As of right now, there are not as many fangirls/fanboys, but nevertheless there are still some.

Don’t know where to download all those videos on youtube you watch about SHINee? This well organized community has it all! From raws to subbed, behind the scenes to fancams. There’s a very useful masterpost to see everything and the community is updated at least every other day. Of course, I’m sure the Shinee Forums International will also have all the videos but for frequent LJ users, this community is a nice addition to add to the list of communities to follow.

CAUTION: After you join, be prepared to see 3 entries from shinee_media practically every other day. If you’re following other communities, I might want to reccommend you to create multiple accounts, or just check your LJ every single day to keep up with everything… because I guarentee you, if you don’t check within a week, you’re prolly going be really really behind in everything. LJ only keeps 280 of the most recent entries. So it really depends on how many people and communities you follow.

If you’ve been watching well known dramas, you know you’ve seen her before. She’s been in so many dramas/movies like Nobuta wo Produce (with Yamapi, Kame, Maki), Liar Game (with Matsuda Shota, yes the hot guy from Boys over Flowers), Deathnote and my ultimate favorite, Ryusei no Kizuna (with Nishikido Ryo and Ninomiya)

credits to Toda Erikas FB fanpage

credits to Toda Erika's FB fanpage

Info Links:

  1. Wikipedia Profile
  2. D-addicts Profile
  3. Facebook Page (er, I don’t know how to link to it but if you just go into FB and search for her page, that would be it)
  4. Facebook Account

As you might have noticed, facebook appears twice on there. why? Because on July 14th on Fuji TV, she told the public what her FB account was and how on the first day it was announced she got 500 requests.

Video Links:

  1. Ryusei no Kizuna Interview
  2. Ryusei no Kizuna Bloopers
  3. Ryusei no Kizuna Interview (Osama no Brunch)

Don’t know how to download high quality drama episodes from Torrents? Nomanymore provides a various amount of popular series through direct download. All you need to do is download the different parts and use HJSplit to link them all together. Besides drama, TV shows and music are also available for download.

CAUTION: Read the rules, otherwise it’ll be a little more tricky to download.