September 27, 2010

If you couldn’t tell already, I have decided to discontinue updating the blog and the archives. I apologize for not notifying you sooner. Although if you knew about this blog before, you probably have realized that I kind of disappeared since end of May 2010.

Anyway, even though I’m not updating, if you have any questions, I will still answer them. It’s just that I am not as interested in HSJ, or JE in general anymore and so I would rather spend my time doing things I’m interested in. I will leave the blog up so that you can still have access to the old archives.

Thank you and sorry.

Oh and if you’re interested in taking over the job as HSJ’s translation and scan archiver, please tell me. Although, I’m sure by now, there is already a new archiver for HSJ community.


No new updates

December 24, 2009

Hey everyone,

sorry for the lack of updates on my archives. The past couple of weeks have been Finals week, so I didn’t have enough time to spend on the internet to update the archives. It’s break right now and I’ve been slowly recovering from spending all my energy on Finals. So… I haven’t had a chance to update.

And to answer the question all of you guys might be wondering..

When am I going to update it?

I’ll update it this Friday or Saturday.

Although because I missed two weeks, I do apologize beforehand, in case I missed an update between the last time I updated and what I will update this week.

Anyway thanks and sorry to keep you waiting. Just wait a few more days and I hope you enjoy your Christmas!

Updated! Finally~

August 29, 2009


so I finally updated both archives. Sorry for taking like a 3 week break. lol. Anyway, it’s now active.

However, I might be missing a few links since I didn’t realize that LJ doesn’t keep track of more than the last 280 entries.. sooo yeah.. =__=;; whoops. oh well. But I linked most of the stuff!

Hey guys, you probably noticed but I haven’t updated the archives for like a week or two. I apologize but I’ve been busy with work for the past weekends. I’ll have something up this weekend though, preferably tomorrow, otherwise Saturday.

I should have posted this earlier so you’ll know but I forgot. lol. Anyway, as much as I would love to do it tonight, I need to catch up on my lack of sleep. (I know, crazy right? It’s summer vacation but I already got myself into another sleep debt!! gahhhhh!!!!!)

So I realized that there were a lot of interesting information out there concerning members of HSJ that just didn’t really fit into the translation or scan archives. Thus, I created profiles with little bits of trivia to accommodate those pieces of interesting information that would appeal to new fans. They are still in the making and since I’m not as much of a fan for any of them besides Yaotome Hikaru, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to have a complete profile.

Of course, someone on the internet could you know, actually update wikipedia with little credit links to every single magazine translation. That way new fans can get a little spark notes overview of their idol..

I’m sure most people already knew or saw Yaotome’s page.. so I added Takaki Yuya’s and Okamoto Keito’s new page. There really isn’t anything in there besides links to information like info that a person researched on Keito’s mom or respreading pics of Takaki’s ex-girlfriend.

.. although truthfully, those links are for me to remember where I have read that information and that way if anyone asks, I could easily find the link and don’t have to plow through community’s posts to find that specific entry.

Yep. Of course I would welcome anyone who wants to contribute. Otherwise, I’m just going to slowly.. VERY slowly add onto their pages. (For those that have seen my page for Hikaru, you know how slowly I updated that. XD)

Also another thing, I would have added the trivia to the beginning of my HSJ page and relocate my translation archive to its own page but because of the amount of people who probably bookmarked that page.. I will probably keep it the way it is, until it really DOES get too much to handle.

So I’m thinking about maybe writing episodes summaries for dramas that I’ll be watching. Even though episode summaries totally spoil everything, for people who don’t have time to watch through the episode or want to rewatch their favorite parts but don’t know which ep, I think episode summaries are useful.

Anyway BEFORE I even start on doing that, I figure I should compile a nice page of awesome dramas/movies/TV shows for everyone. Although I have to admit, some of the stuff isn’t THAT great. I’m sort of more of keeping a list of all the dramas I have ever watched. XD

I’m not sure if anyone else knows but since YouTube is cracking down on videos and more and more people are sharing but requesting to have thier subbed videos not put up on video sharing sites, it’s harder to find videos in general. I linked out to some LJs that share the videos on the page. But I”m thinking that I’ll start having spotlights. I highly doubt anyone who stumbles upon this blog even look at my blogroll which has a lot of useful sites.


basically meaning…

COMING SOON: episode summaries, website spotlights, music spotlights (which I’ve sorta already done), actor spotlights (I might turn them into pages but I highly doubt it.. that’ll be too much.. besides I think my pages should be reserved for HSJ and lists)

So look forward! (except not too forward because it really depends on how much time I spend. loooool… )

A lot of people have been talking about the english version of Replay, so I decided to check it out. Lisa is awesome. I really like her voice. And to think how asian music fandom and soompi managed to get someone interested in music so much that they started writing their own songs! Not only that but since she takes Japanese, she has a lot of songs in japanese as well as English.

Listening to her, makes me wonder if I should take Japanese or Chinese next year…. It also makes me wonder if companies would notice her.. Truthfully, I don’ t know if I WANT to have companies notice her since they might conform Lisa and her songs will lose the heart that she put into the lyrics… Although the plus side is that she’ll get awesome promotions and MVs. Reminds me of YUI sometimes..

Anyway after listening to her songs, I really want to make an album booklet for her, which I think I will in a couple weeks after school gets out. She gets out around the same time too so I’m sure she’ll be more active during the summer. Maybe I’ll go contact her~ It’ll be awesome if she was a bay area native too. ❤

Anyway check her out!

Anwyay.. the wonder of Youtube and the internet ❤ lol..

You should download them too! They’re at her wordpress. Awesome music. ❤ If I was majoring in FAV, I would totally make a MV for her songs ❤


May 9, 2009

apparently.. this blog was #100 for top growing blogs of the day for May 2, 2009..

woooooooooooow…. totally didn’t expect that! but it’s all thanks to you guys who are reading right~


thank you~

Anyway, I promise over the summer, I’ll update this more with real content so you’re not here only for the HSJ archives. 




Last thing I ever thought I’ll see is an article about how a JE member would be arrested for stripping in a public park. XD ahahha. and a SMAP member too! AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH. 


credits to jpopasia

credits to jpopasia

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, a member of the Japanese pop music group SMAP, was arrested Thursday for public indecency after stripping naked while under the influence of alcohol at a Tokyo park, causing ripples not only in the nation but in South Korea, where the singer, who is fluent in Korean, is also popular.


After arresting the 34-year-old Kusanagi, police searched his home in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, spurring numerous telephone calls from his fans in protest. The suspect admitted to stripping naked and told investigators, ‘‘I regret what I did. I don’t remember how I went to the park, and why I became naked,’’ according to the police.
His agent, Johnny & Associates, said Thursday night Kusanagi will refrain from entertainment activities for the time being
The incident triggered the cancellation of TV commercials in Japan that feature Kusanagi, including one by Toyota Motor Corp. It has also angered the government, which has designated Kusanagi to promote Japan’s shift to digital terrestrial TV broadcasting. The group SMAP also enjoys popularity in many other Asian countries.
Kusanagi’s arrest at around 3 a.m. at the park next to Tokyo Midtown, a new landmark in Tokyo’s Roppongi-Akasaka area, came after a man living near the park called police to report someone yelling, police said. His apartment is also located in the Tokyo Midtown complex.
‘‘What’s wrong with being naked?’’ Kusanagi was quoted as telling a police officer, who was questioning him at the scene. Kusanagi was alone and resisted police questioning, prompting three police officers to cover him with a sheet and take him to a patrol car. The jeans and jacket he is believed to have worn were found in the park, investigators said.
According to the police, Kusanagi drank alcohol in Akasaka with two of his friends from Wednesday night to around 2 a.m. Thursday. After leaving the bar, he walked near the park with one of the friends and parted with her.
Police said Kusanagi was highly intoxicated as his alcohol level from a breathalyzer test conducted five hours after his arrest was 0.8 milligram per liter, five times higher than the limit for drunken driving.”


credits to xaosmx@jpopasia.com


man, seriously.. he’s going to get it from the agency. For some reason I can’t help but feel like being an idol for so many years will make you crack one day. Of course I’m not basing it on anything, but I just felt like I need to say it.

On another note, I’ll prolly be inactive for awhile.. maybe.. school’s winding down and well that means finals. sigh. hopefully I’ll survive. I’ll have more time in the summer, so I might start translating again. As for the archive.. I”ll TRY to keep it updated weekly.. I might be gone for the next 4 weeks though.. we’ll see.

okay wow. Talk about coincidences.. check out this tribute video:

Yes. It is Hikaru and Minho! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I didn’t actually think that someone would also like the exact two people that I liked!! Although I guess maybe it’s because even though they have different personalities and stuff, they’re similar types of guys???


Oh yeah, don’t suppose anyone knows the fanmail address for SHINee?

I know that I can prolly look through the international forums, but is there any HQ scans of the magazine from this video? which I thought was REALLY cute. XD and I loved Minho’s pose… so hot and total drawing material!!!!

sigh~ I really really want to make a clay model of Minho.. such nice bone structure

Here’s a link to the interview at their photoshoot.. no subs though..

Anyone know if anyone subbed the behind the scenes of their reality tv show? sigh, this is making me want to learn korean so I can understand.. aldkfj.

Also, is it just me or are there like 3 or 4 songs in their album that are remakes from other songs? They have similar tunes to other songs I’ve heard before….