September 27, 2010

If you couldn’t tell already, I have decided to discontinue updating the blog and the archives. I apologize for not notifying you sooner. Although if you knew about this blog before, you probably have realized that I kind of disappeared since end of May 2010.

Anyway, even though I’m not updating, if you have any questions, I will still answer them. It’s just that I am not as interested in HSJ, or JE in general anymore and so I would rather spend my time doing things I’m interested in. I will leave the blog up so that you can still have access to the old archives.

Thank you and sorry.

Oh and if you’re interested in taking over the job as HSJ’s translation and scan archiver, please tell me. Although, I’m sure by now, there is already a new archiver for HSJ community.


4 Responses to “Haitus”

  1. zera Says:

    erm..firstly,I want to tell you that I’m always follow your blog privately..this blog always give me information about the person I like..haha..am I look like stalker??..hope not..so,its bad news for me since you say like that..but,what can I do..??people can change..why you not interested anymore..??

    • krooxy Says:

      I started getting more interested in kpop, kdramas, and jR&B. JE frankly isn’t that interesting to me anymore since it’s almost always the same thing and I never actually liked them for their music. It was more for the people.. and well.. I found more interesting people to follow.

      This blog was mainly about JE and most people came because of HSJ archives, so I decided to discontinue the blog. Archiving all the translations and scans by hand was a lot of work. After doing it for two years, it became more of a hassle than anything else, especially since school gets really busy.

      Thank you though for following this blog. Sorry for not updating the past few months. >__<;;;

  2. kaycee Says:

    Hi!…I hope to take over on archiving…I actually go to your blog everytime I want to read. Your blog is like a book’s table of contents…hahaha!Thank you so much!…mmm…♥

    • krooxy Says:

      hey kaycee,

      Thanks for showing interest in archiving. There are two options you can do to start. You can either update the archive right now, or you can start another blog with the same format and start updating on your own. It’s all hand done, and you only really need to update once a week. Translations and scans don’t really update that frequently until the next month’s magazines are out.

      It can be a lot of work because it’s a weekly thing, and it’s all hand done, but if you’re still interested, e-mail me at kroocshanc@gmail.com


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