Byakuyako Movie with Horikita Maki

April 28, 2010

credits to Parkminnie @ WP

According to Japan_now, Horikita Maki will play the female lead in the movie adaptation of Byakuyako, based on a famous novel written by Higashino Keigo. Higashino has written many other works that were later turned into drama series adaptations such as Ryusei no Kizuna and Galileo, both of which are some of my favorite Japanese drama series.

Byakuyako is a suspense/thriller about two elementary school kids who killed each other’s parents in order to protect each other. Waiting for the statute of limitations to pass, the two children try to live their lives without being caught. The girl lives in the light while the boy lives in darkness in order to continue their lives by mutually helping each other in various ways. But the more they try to hide and run away from their past in order to live a normal life, the more their lives spiral out of control.

Byakuyako has had an earlier adaptations into a Japanese drama series (2006) and a Korean film, The White Night (2009).

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Although I have not seen the Korean film, the Japanese drama was extremely good, well acted and written. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and helpless in finding someone to blame for all the struggles and troubles the two main leads go through. You can blame neither person but at the same time you want to blame everyone. You find yourself not sure what is the “right” thing to do in their situation. You want to pity and sympathize, but you find yourself not sure if they deserve it. You find yourself understanding their underlying reasons and justifications for their reasons, but yet you keep thinking to yourself, that there has to be another way. Hopefully, the movie adaptation will keep the same essence. I like Horikita Maki, but I have yet to see her act a role with this amount of depth.

Anyway, in case you were wondering, the Japanese drama series starred Ayase Haruka and Yamada Takayuki. I haven’t seen Ayase’s dramas besides Byakuyako but she was also in Mr. Brain and ROOKIES. As for Yamada, he was in Water Boys and Long Love Letter, both of which I would recommend watching.


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