Johnny’s swung their weight around again?

March 31, 2010

I think the general agreement online is that for a lot of dramas, directors used popular guys in JE for publicity… or JE told the directors to take their guy as one of the actors *cough* Takaki Yuya in Gokusen *cough*. And you know, I’m right about Takaki… the script changed and he got less lines because he didn’t have enough skill and practice for that role… I bet his make up artist was new too, because it was extremely distracting…

Anyway, did you also know that JE can put pressure on the plot lines of movies? According to JapanToday, JE put pressure on the directors of the movie, Space Battleship Yamato, to have the film focused more on Kimura Takuya than the battle scenes… @_@ Does that mean that its going to be more of a romance film then? sighhh…

I was also looking around the net, and apparently Kimura wants to make the CG in Space Battleship Yamato to be like Avatar… Does he realize that Cameron spent practically all his money from Titanic to create Avatar? and that the only reason he created Titanic, was to bring Avatar to life? @_@ Anyway, if you read the rest of the article, you can tell that the post-production team is a little frustrated.

I hate it when people underestimate the time and effort it takes to create CG… or more like art in general. Even a simple business card takes a long time to design.

Anyway, even if Kimura takes a pay cut, I don’t think it’ll improve the movie that much… not only that but they already released a teaser, so there’s the time issue too.. If they do decide to redo some parts, the movie will definitely be delayed and the hype will die out.

Of course, he is the main lead and might have some weight to swing around.. sighhh…


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