Jaejoong joins Eita and Ueno for “素直になれなくて” drama!

March 9, 2010

credits to Allkpop.com

“素直になれなくて” or Sunao ni Narenakute is about five friends who met through Twitter and help each other out in their lives. According to Japan_Now, Tohoshinki’s Jaejoong (Hero) will play the character of a doctor that moved from Korea to Japan and is met with lots of pressure and troubles for struggling to get promising results for the company he is working for. Allkpop states that the drama was written and produced by Japanese screenwriter Kitagawa Eriko, who also worked on Heaven’s Postman. It has been 8 years since she had written for Fuji TV, but a lot is expected.

I haven’t actually watched Heaven’s Postman yet since I wasn’t at the preview and I don’t think it’s been shown yet, but I’m kind of excited. Although Jaejoong said himself that when he watched himself on the big screen, he cringed, I don’t think he’ll do too badly acting. Either way, I’m not expecting much as it is relatively hard for singers to become good actors. If anything, the production will still get a lot of views from fans, especially since DBSK has the largest fanclub in the world. Remember Yunho’s soccer drama, Heading to the Ground, and they needed extras? Those positions were filled up fast.

credits to lane_myer @LJ

Anyway, did I mention that this new drama will be the eighth time Eita and Ueno Juri working together? Last time it was Last Friends, and before that was Nodame Cantabile that I know of. Exciting isn’t? I really like both of them.

The 8 time co-star of Ueno, Eita, said “Being paired with the actress I’ve worked with the most times is promising. Because we have a relationship where we can rely on each other, I want to give it my all. Ueno also said, “It’s always fun working with Eita. I’m happy to be put together with him again.”

Eita plays Nakaji, a young man starting out as a photographer, who had looked up to his father who had been a wartime battlefield photographer, and thus wanted to go into the same profession, but also worries for his father as the injury he received on the battlefield has changed him. Meanwhile, Ueno plays Haru, irritated with her own experience, gets hired as an emergency teacher at a private high school. She develops a one-sided love with the “chara-o” Nakaji, who starts to have a special existence…

credits to lane_myer @ LJ

On another note, I’m sure many people already know of the existence of 2ch, the ultimate forum in Japan with topics about everything that can be talked about. You can read the wiki page, if you haven’t heard of it. It’s quite interesting. Anyway, the only reason why I bring it up is because there was the story of Densha Otoko, which was soon created into a movie, tv show, manga, and novel. It was about how this otaku shared his experiences on 2ch and received a lot of help and advice from netizens, and in the end successfully got together with this girl he saved from a molester on the train. Thus, you can see why Sunao ni Narenakute would remind me of that.

It’s quite interesting how popular websites are being incorporated into the media. I have to wonder, is Twitter sponsoring or getting a paycheck from the production of this drama? After all, they ARE using the name.


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