Crazy Fans of JE Idols

March 7, 2010

There was an interesting article translated from a Singaporean magazine about the fandom with JE idols. I have to say that there were quite a lot of situations that I wasn’t really aware of that were caused by obsessed fans, known as Yarakashi and Oriki. You can read it here.

Although if you bother to read the comments, you would realize that the terms Oriki and Yarakashi are defined differently. Oriki are eager fans who follow all of the idol’s schedule and basically show up to a lot of their performances, but they have rules, like no stalking. So respectful eager fans. On the other hand, Yarakashi are the crazy disrespectful fans that bring shame to the name of fan.


Anyway, I just wanted to ask..

Do you think these idols will ever have true friends that they make after their debut? I feel like they’ll all grow up either only making friends with other idols or just sticking with their elementary school friends.

It also makes me question what I should do if I do happen to stumble across them one day. Pretend I don’t know them? Politely ask for an autograph? Strike up a random conversation?

What would you do?


One Response to “Crazy Fans of JE Idols”

  1. Yuu Says:

    To be honest, I think I would try to discretely talk to them. Ask them for an autograph, or a picture (which I doubt they’ll let me) and just quietly slip away. I assume if they are seen, they wouldn’t want to be mobbed by a crowd of people, so I would do it very quietly, in respect for them, but also in my favor. Ha Ha Ha.

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