NYC Boys is official w/o B.I. Shadow

March 2, 2010

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So after performing at Kohaku back in December, JE is putting a lot on the line by making NYC Boys official without their backup group, B.I. Shadow. You can read the official article here.

Although I’m not too surprised that B.I. Shadow isn’t debuting with NYC Boys, since they were just a back up group and didn’t really have as much of a significant part, the fact that NYC is going to be official is a little unnerving.


Because two out of three of the members are already in Hey! Say! JUMP. They’re going to be the next Nishikido Ryo.

Did I mention the fact that right now Yamada Ryosuke and Chinen Yuri are 16? Ryo was about 20 when he debuted in both groups, which meant that he didn’t really have as much schoolwork considering that he didn’t go to college.

Also, shouldn’t JE be focusing more on HSJ? Although I understand their marketing strategy by taking the most popular members and adding them to a group with their favorite Yuma, they should have done that first. Even before HSJ debuted, Yamada and Chinen were quite popular and there were already rumors about Yuma. It would have caused a lot less problems and drama among the fans if they just debuted NYC from the start.

On a side note, did you realize that this is the third time Yamada and Chinen have debuted? First HS7, then HSJ, and now NYC.

Sigh, despite NYC forming two years after HSJ, how much do you want to bet that NYC will be more popular than HSJ in no time?

Remember that magazine scan when fans got to choose from HSJ to make a band? Inoo was on the keyboard, Keito on the guitar, Yaotome on the bass, Yuuto on the drums, and Yabu as the singer? They should make that real if they wanted a small group to focus the popularity.


3 Responses to “NYC Boys is official w/o B.I. Shadow”

  1. drew Says:

    yeah ur ryt

  2. Mari-san Says:

    i don’t think it would be popular than HSJ because HSJ out together beat the skills that Yuma has.I think it would have gotten popular if the N in NYC was Nakajima Yuto he already being in HSJ and HS7 would have done better in NYC.He Has Skills which surpass Yuma’s but Yuma is still good he nothing against him i’m getting used to his style but i don’t get why Johnny-san didn’t put Yuto in NYC it would have had much progress than now ^O^

  3. Hoshi-chan Says:

    Johnny-san is clever, he knows what’s best XD

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