What did Jaebeom do?

February 28, 2010

credits to Allkpop

With the whole world in havoc over the entire Jaebeom situation, I have to wonder, what could he have done that was worse than the MySpace controversy to get him kicked out of 2PM and make it no longer possible to come back?In a recent article on Allkpop with a summary of the Q&A conference representatives of the fanclubs had with the members and representatives with JYPE, for one of the answers,

(Wooyoung): We are not abandoning him, we are protecting him. I thought that if the details were released in future, I might regret my decisions.
(Chansung): Please do not question our friendship.
(Junho): After being told about what he had done, I honestly hated Jaebeom. We tried our best for his return, but right now, I think that staying silent is the best I can do for him.

There was also this question:

Q: We are told that only the members and few within the company know what wrong Jaebeom has done. If it is indeed a serious matter then we as fans do not want it to be released to the public either. However, since only few within the company and the members know of the incident, can we assume that if the details do slip out into the public then it had been released by JYPE?
A: We hope that the details do not get released to the public; however, there are people who are not within the company that are part of the incident. There are possibilities of them releasing the matters so we cannot take any responsibilities.

So for one, we know that other people are involved and that it was devastating enough to ruin both the members and fans expectations for a comeback. We also know, that it was something the members did not know of or had a clue of, meaning they weren’t involved. So therefore, whatever he did was in a secluded place with few people and most likely an exchange between Jaebeom and two others. We also know that there’s a reason why the people involved haven’t reported this to the media. I’m sure it would have been a large scoop and lots of money involved in the people involved sold the story and evidence to the media, but they didn’t. Not yet anyway.

Personally, the only reasons I could come up with that are devastating enough to kick him out would be these:

  1. Murder
  2. Robbery
  3. Rape
  4. Got a girl pregnant
  5. Drugs
  6. Shoplifted
  7. Slept with a director to get a job
  8. Sold out information like songs or other backstage intel
  9. Drunk driving
  10. Bar fight

And I have to say, all of these reasons, are pretty stupid and I really don’t believe that Jaebeom can be capable of doing any of this. For one, a lot of these reasons would have tons of witnesses and the police would have been involved. As for the whole rape or got a girl pregnant, that’s impossible since he wouldn’t have time to do anything like that. So out of all 10 reasons I can come up with, the only situation that sort of fits, would be drugs.

Now, before anyone starts yelling out that it’s not possible for Jaebeom to do drugs, I just want to say this is just speculation. You have to admit that although it doesn’t fit with Jaebeom’s character to do drugs, it’s definitely possible. It could have just been marijuana. Not very likely, and I have to say, doing marijuana isn’t that much of an offense in America. I guarantee you that if you ask someone in America if they know someone who smoked weed or ate a pot brownie, they’ll say yes. I don’t know about Korea, although I think because if you’re an idol, you have so much influence of the population that you have to be a role model, so it is a major offense if an idol did drugs. Actually, even if you’re in America, if you’re an idol and did marijuana, it would be an offense too but considering how big America is, I’m sure it’s easier to shush people up.

Also, tell me if I’m wrong, but he said that he did this “wrongdoing” during the promotions of Again and Again. The MySpace scandal was in September 2009 and I believe was in the middle of the Again and Again promotions. It is quite possible that Jaebeom did something because he was depressed over the trouble he had caused. Depression and despair could make a person do something they normally don’t do.

Although still…. drugs?

I don’t really believe he would… but what other thing could he have done to make members and JYP disappointed to the point where there will be no return for Jaebeom?


8 Responses to “What did Jaebeom do?”

  1. kathy Says:

    yeah, drugs. i thought the exact same thing after i read the transcript of the conference 2pm held with the fans.

    that conference was nasty btw. why are the fans so rude? why can’t they try harder to understand the situation and not be so damn aggressive?

    if anybody did anything wrong, it’s jay. if you really think about it, he caused all of this shit. everyone else (2pm, JYPE, all the fans) is just reacting and suffering from jay’s actions. and now, this youtube thing he’s got going on, and returning to korea, is just disrespectful.

    i wish 2pm’s efforts at reconnecting with fans weren’t so wasted on the fans. the boys were so raw and honest in that conference…real fans would support them.

    2pm hwaiting!

  2. Jane Says:

    Actually Jay did nothing wrong… at least not with the Myspace incident. First of all, the comments were made years ago and maybe they wouldn’t have been made in the first place if people weren’t giving him a hard time. Instead of people understanding it’s blah blah blah… people are always so quick to condemn…

  3. Jane Says:

    Oh yeah and clearly he doesn’t feel that way anymore…

  4. Jennifer Says:

    he couldnt have done drugs. hes a bboy.
    and as a bgirl i would know that smoking drinking or drugs is NOT a good idea for bboys or bgirl. it ruins our bodies and makes it harder for us to bboy or dance. so i dont think thats it because he loves to dance and sing and rap so much he wouldnt risk it.

    • diyanah Says:

      I agree with you..It’s just so hard to believe, but i think i agree with you cause look at him! he’s not even that skinny! He has good moves and big muscles.. If he would of taken drugs, maybe he would not of look so damn hot! not a big fan of him but just like him.love 2pm. but i just cant believe that he would of taken drugs!

  5. fvyu Says:

    Fuck JeaBeom I want you dick fuck with my ASSSS

  6. Baz Says:

    Oh Jaebeom come back . Why did you not stay in 2pm
    Just Stay in 2pm ! Every one M!SS you so much
    We want to here you song and you friend 2pm
    I think you friend in 2pm want you to stay in
    2pm no one want you to go . But it you want to do
    what you like you can do it .Dance B-boy Rep
    see you can do best and best you and you friend
    2pm got to be happy. WE M!SS YOU

  7. Najwa Says:

    Well, I read somewhere that said that he said something during the promotion for Again and Again. It must have been so bad that it has affected the friendship between 2PM and Jaebeom.

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