[Singer Spotlight] JAY’ED

February 26, 2010

credits to Facebook Fan Page

Having been born to a Japanese father and New Zealander mother, JAY’ED has traveled frequently between the two countries since he was young. After seeing American R&B group, K-Ci & Jo-Jo perform in Osaka, Japan in 2005, he decided he wanted to become a singer. JAY’ED is currently signed to the TOY’S FACTORY label.

He has a beautiful R&B voice. The first single that released under a major label was “Superwoman”. Personally I felt like his agency didn’t have confidence in him, which is why during the entire MV for Superwoman, his face is always blocked. Personally, he’s not that bad looking. Sure he’s old considering that he’s born in 1981, but he’s not ugly. Of course, you can also argue that his company wanted to make him look very mysterious and attract more people. If that was the case though, they should have not featured him in the MV. He could have been like Greeeen.

Anyway, that was years ago back in 2008. Through his efforts, beautiful voice, and collaborations with JuJu, he’s gained fame. These are my favorite songs, ずっと一緒 and Everybody.

Doesn’t he remind you of Shimizu Shota? Well, they both sing R&B.. but still. Beautiful voices. Of course, Shimizu Shota has more appeal and opportunity since he’s a lot younger and also has Sony Music, while JAY’ED only has Toy’s Factory.

Anyway, if you really liked JAY’ED like I do and happen to be in Tokyo, he’s having a concert on March 3rd at NHK Fureai Hall. He’s performing with May J.(司会)、LEO今井、武川アイ、Sweet Vacation and special guest, MONKEY MAJIK.

I don’t really recognize any of the names except for MONKEY MAJIK, so don’t ask me.

Anyway, here are some links.

1. Official Website

2. Facebook Fan Page (updates regularly)


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