Wait, what? Akanishi wants to debut overseas?

February 15, 2010

Akanishi Jin

Credits to klaudia_japan @ crunchyroll

I’m sorry, what?? He wants to debut in America? Nope. Wrong~ He’s bringing America to Japan with a side thought of having a concert into America.

Akanishi Jin Reveals Ambitions to Hit the World
KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin announced his intention to make his debut overseas on the live show “Akanishi Star Live You&Jin / 赤西仁 Star Live 友&仁 You&Jin” in Nissei Theater Hibiya Tokyo on February 9th.

The show was full of the style of Las Vegas, the paradise of the entertainment show. “I want to bring this to USA.” as said Akanishi.

The show titled “Peace of the world” represented the future club with big screen, new lighting and lasers, with his stylish songs, dance, and most advanced sound such as rock, hip-hop.

With the loud sound echoed in the venue, almost every audience was standing up. Akanishi’s charming dancing with female dancers even caused screams. “I would be very happy if you like the music I like.” said Akanishi in his trademark hat and parka.

Mr. Kitakawa, the president of Johnny’s Jimusho said: “I want to try American style long-run star show of one star in Japan.” and appointed Akanishi to this show. With the studying experience in USA, Akanishi wrote about 80% of the songs in English!

They also imported the latest stage and dancers in the show, which makes the first Johnny’s star show with the “atmosphere not been seen in Japan”.

“English will be used mainly in order to meet the needs of those who don’t understand Japanese.” Akanishi showed his ambition for oversea activities.

“I want to bring this to other countries, to somewhere no one has been, such as Las Vegas. It has some similarities in the structure.” commented Akanishi.

credits to Japan_now

I have to say, it took a couple of times re-reading to understand what was going on. Basically, it doesn’t mean he’s going to other countries, rather he’s bringing the other countries to Japan, which is a very interesting concept. By having the concert in English to appeal to the overseas fandom because they don’t have to try really hard to understand him, and at the same time, expose domestic fans into the overseas culture and world.

However, if it’s American style, why would foreign fans want to see a concert in their own style by a Japanese artist? I’m not sure whether it was a translation mistake, but frankly the last sentence does not make sense. Does he mean he wants to bring the Las Vegas style to other foreign countries? or does he mean he want to bring the concert to be like Las Vegas into Japan?

Also, just because the songs are in English, doesn’t mean that it’ll be good. In a way, I feel as if this concert is just advertising to foreigners to get them to come to Japan. After all, in a recent article on Japantoday.com, they talked about how the past year had a huge decrease in foreign tourists. At the same time, it’s feeding off of the glorification of foreign countries to Japanese people.

On another note, what I never understood was that none of the famous asian celebrities ever had a concert in America. They always try to debut in America. Personally, I feel like they should be like J-rock bands or Epik High, having concerts with the music that everyone loves in foreign countries. Fans who love their music, love it in the original language. So tell me, why can’t agencies just rent a venue in America or some other country and host a concert? They do it in China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and Korea. How is it any different from going to America or Canada? It’s not like Arashi goes to Taiwan to have a concert in Chinese. They sing Japanese and speak a few words in Chinese. It’s not like SHINee goes to Thailand and have a concert in Thai. They sing in Korean and speak a few words in Thai. Why can’t they do that in America or somewhere in Europe? In fact, going to an English-speaking country would probably be even better than going to an Asian country, as English is the universal language and almost all schools in Asia teach English as a required subject. Therefore, celebrities would at least know more English than a different Asian language. Of course, one can argue that other Asian countries have similar cultures and therefore, a large fandom is easily made. However, have agencies ever thought that perhaps there are many other countries that are fans of Asian culture? I’m sure the global dance flash mob for 2PM is enough proof of that.


3 Responses to “Wait, what? Akanishi wants to debut overseas?”

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  2. FactWrong Says:

    China is the ONLY asian country,where that’s required!!Alot dropped it when kids became depressed thinking that Westerners were better,and that parents thought they were attempting to erase their heritage.It’s embarressing enough over here (Japan)to walk up to someone(usually girls)and ask them how long they’ll be visiting,only to find they weren’t only born in Japan,but that they have nothing but Japanaese blood in them.Yet they look like white women.If anything this is going to worsen the shame of race thing happening now.

    • kyuhae Says:

      are you saying that asians mix with westerners?

      if you are i TOTALLY agree with you! i hate it how asian celebrities/ asian culture are becoming more known/ popular in other countries

      when western girls say how hot a asian boy is it pisses me off

      everyone should stick to their own race

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