Eita is dating a singer?

January 31, 2010

credits to stareastasia.com

Wow. I totally thought actor Eita (26) was still single, but apparently not. According to Tokyograph, he’s dating singer Kaela Kimura (24) since at least September when they both admitted it. Eita’s agency also said that they are seriously dating and met through a mutual friend. Kaela used to date SU from RIP SLYME.

In case you didn’t know or didn’t recognize him, Eita is famous for being in Last Friends, Voice, and Nodame Cantabile. As for Kaela Kimura, I don’t know her music that well but it’s rock and pop and she writes her own music.

Here‘s a link to the scan of the article.

Considering this is months ago, I was quite surprised that no one made a big deal about it when it first came out. Although I suppose anything that’s not related to Johnny’s, wouldn’t really appear in on the net in English. Not only that, but actors have more opportunity of getting a love life since the only times they meet with fans or please them with their skills is on-screen. On the other hand, singers go on promotional events or variety shows that garner a lot more exposure, making them more popular and recognizable. Not only that, but a big part of the allure of singers is that they are single, unless of course they are old or they’re skilled and talented enough that being taken doesn’t effect the fanbase which gives singers a job (ex: Epik High). All actors have to care about is that their skill in acting is good enough to please the director in order to get the job, because fans don’t matter as much.

Anyway, I’m quite happy that all of my favorite awesome hot Japanese actors are all getting love lives. There was Matsuyama Kenichi, Mizushima Hiro, and Oguri Shun. Although Mizushima Hiro was the only one that actually married so far (I believe everyone came to a conclusion that it was a shotgun marriage? [as in Ayaka got pregnant so they married]). I wonder who’s next? I really want it to be someone with a huge fanbase, just to spite all those crazy disrespectful fans that always harass the girl/boy friend.


2 Responses to “Eita is dating a singer?”

  1. jicks Says:

    Yeah… I found this piece of news out last yr sometime… at first I was heartbroken (see my avatar lol) but in the end, I am v. glad for them. Kimura Kaela does rock, her music is quite catchy & I like the fact that she isn’t just a pretty face. She writes alot of her own stuff.

  2. koji okama Says:

    you know how slut she is su the prevert guy now a nice guy ?

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