[Website Spotlight] Let’s Look!

January 30, 2010


So you’ve been watching all those dramas online on Viikii or Mysoju or Drama-crazy. Sometimes they work, sometimes the link is broken and you just can’t watch it. Or for some series on Viikii, because of copyrights, you can’t watch your episodes of Asian dramas until a month later (aka Creating Destiny).

So where can you direct download them?

The answer is Let’s look.

Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Korean dramas, all with English (or for some of them, French) subtitles. Most of them are soft subs (and in case you don’t know what that means, it means that the subtitles are embedded into the video file but rather a separate file).It also have the latest series like “Will It Snow for Christmas?”

But this forum doesn’t only have dramas, it has movies and variety shows all over Asia. Although the majority are Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese/Chinese.

CAUTION: Due to the large library of dramas they have and most of the episodes are uploaded onto MegaUpload.. you’re bound to repeated bump into the “Download limit exceeded” page a LOT. Also, if you are still in school or have a job, please don’t drop out or get fired because of downloading and watching dramas. And I mean it and don’t think it’s impossible because it is.


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