[Website Spotlight] Dramabeans

January 2, 2010


Looking for good Korean drama reviews, news, and episode summaries that’s updated frequently? Dramabeans is the site to follow. There are also downloads for ringtones and other news about actors and writers.

CAUTION: You’re going to love Dramabeans.


5 Responses to “[Website Spotlight] Dramabeans”

  1. 😀 Yeh, I am obsessed with Dramabeans, they have awesome recaps and I’m currently reading their Cinderella’s Unni and PP recaps 😉

  2. krooxy Says:

    Oh yeah me too!! I’m reading Cinderella’s recaps. The people at dramabeans always catch the little things I miss when I watch it myself. The symbolism and stuff is really interesting.

  3. namemelydia Says:

    do you know if there is a site like dramabeans but for taiwanese dramas?
    I love dramabeans for the kdramas recaps but I also love taiwanese dramas too, and I was looking for the tdrama recaps.

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