[Website Spotlight] Lang-8.com

November 1, 2009


Studying a foreign language but still not fluent enough? Need to practice your writing? Want to meet natives of the foreign language that you are studying? Lang-8.com can solve all of your problems. It’s almost like all other blogs out there, LJ, WordPress, Xanga, Blogger, etc. Except, you write in the language you are studying in, while natives in that language help correct it, sentence by sentence. At the same time, you correct their English or whichever language you are studying in. Through this exchange, you can learn about their lifestyles, while they learn yours. Perhaps one day you might even become good friends and meet each other in real life.

CAUTION: Most people there are college students or businessmen who are trying to become fluent for jobs. As of right now, there are not as many fangirls/fanboys, but nevertheless there are still some.


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