Yamada Ryosuke has a GF? maybe?

October 9, 2009

yay! people are growing up~

or well.. you know.. they have good friends that are the opposite gender. *gasp* I know, hard to believe right? which is why there’s a rumor going around that Yamada Ryosuke has a girlfriend~ because what else can they be? they hang out with each other all the time so that = a couple, right?

More info here.

On another note, I can’t wait for the day that someone in JE comes out of the closet. loool. xD

Anyway, fangirls, I wouldn’t cry my eyes out because of this rumor. We all know that JE idols are going to be single or at least unmarried until at least 30 because other fangirls are pissed off and well sometimes the agency intervenes so that their sales don’t die. So, relax.

Plus, aren’t most popular songs about heartbreaks? No pain, no gain. It’ll be good experience for Yamada.

Oh wait, they dont’ write their own songs so it wouldn’t matter, huh. (well besides the few in JE that DO write their own songs). Well, I guess it’ll just be good reference material for acting for Yamada.


One Response to “Yamada Ryosuke has a GF? maybe?”

  1. Yuu Says:

    which johnnys are you talking about I wonder???

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