Are there really that many hardcore fans?

October 4, 2009

This is rather late, but apparently JE sent out a message to all fans to stop stalking their idols and let them have space at school and places. You can read it here.


I didn’t know there were that many hardcore fans. I mean they’re all like what, high schoolers? Do they even have the time and money to be hardcore fans?

Sigh, this makes me wonder how the Korean idols are handling school.. well the ones that are IN school anyway. I feel like Korean idols are more polished than JE’s groups, but hey, each agency has their own way of promoting and training their people.


One Response to “Are there really that many hardcore fans?”

  1. Yuu Says:

    I think this is also related to how Ryutaro Morimoto was stalked as well. Hardcore fans are scary. I wish they could be more respectful. I think those types of fans are students and most students I assume wouldn’t be able to afford going to recordings and concerts so they get by in their fandom by stalking and such….?

    I think Japanese idols (or at least JE idols) are encouraged to pursue a normal life (minus dating) compared to Korean Idols who have that image of an idol or model rather than a young boy. But that’s just my opinion.

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