[Website Spotlight] Shinee_media@LJ

August 29, 2009


Don’t know where to download all those videos on youtube you watch about SHINee? This well organized community has it all! From raws to subbed, behind the scenes to fancams. There’s a very useful masterpost to see everything and the community is updated at least every other day. Of course, I’m sure the Shinee Forums International will also have all the videos but for frequent LJ users, this community is a nice addition to add to the list of communities to follow.

CAUTION: After you join, be prepared to see 3 entries from shinee_media practically every other day. If you’re following other communities, I might want to reccommend you to create multiple accounts, or just check your LJ every single day to keep up with everything… because I guarentee you, if you don’t check within a week, you’re prolly going be really really behind in everything. LJ only keeps 280 of the most recent entries. So it really depends on how many people and communities you follow.


2 Responses to “[Website Spotlight] Shinee_media@LJ”

  1. HI shinee i do love u

  2. Anonymous Says:


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