New Profile Pages for HSJ members~

July 11, 2009

So I realized that there were a lot of interesting information out there concerning members of HSJ that just didn’t really fit into the translation or scan archives. Thus, I created profiles with little bits of trivia to accommodate those pieces of interesting information that would appeal to new fans. They are still in the making and since I’m not as much of a fan for any of them besides Yaotome Hikaru, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to have a complete profile.

Of course, someone on the internet could you know, actually update wikipedia with little credit links to every single magazine translation. That way new fans can get a little spark notes overview of their idol..

I’m sure most people already knew or saw Yaotome’s page.. so I added Takaki Yuya’s and Okamoto Keito’s new page. There really isn’t anything in there besides links to information like info that a person researched on Keito’s mom or respreading pics of Takaki’s ex-girlfriend.

.. although truthfully, those links are for me to remember where I have read that information and that way if anyone asks, I could easily find the link and don’t have to plow through community’s posts to find that specific entry.

Yep. Of course I would welcome anyone who wants to contribute. Otherwise, I’m just going to slowly.. VERY slowly add onto their pages. (For those that have seen my page for Hikaru, you know how slowly I updated that. XD)

Also another thing, I would have added the trivia to the beginning of my HSJ page and relocate my translation archive to its own page but because of the amount of people who probably bookmarked that page.. I will probably keep it the way it is, until it really DOES get too much to handle.


One Response to “New Profile Pages for HSJ members~”

  1. Tadta Says:

    is there any new information of Hey! Say! JUMP this month?

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