[Drama Review] Atashinchi no Danshi

July 4, 2009

credits to redgeofsanity@WP

It’s basically a comedy drama about a rich man picks up a homeless girl and makes a deal with her. He’ll clear her 100 million yen debt she got from her father if she marries him and then after he dies, has to act like a mother to the 6 hot sons he adopted. And of course you the whole overdone storyline of each of the hot guys has some kind of past and Horikita Maki, which plays the mother, solves their problem and reforms them.

oops. Did I spoil it for you?

lol. There’s obviously more to that and my opinion? Totally worth watching.


  1. Many scenes of the 6 sons in the sauna, and dam they are hot +10
  2. Love the romance between.. well you’ll find out  ^_~ +10
  3. There was the exaggeration feel of special effects that was in Hana Kimi except cut in half so it wasn’t TOO exaggerated +5


  1. The acting wasn’t that great but I suppose it’s not that noticeable unless you watched as many dramas as I have and can tell when the actors weren’t being natural. -5
  2. There are some lame ass inventions but it was still pretty entertaining -2
  3. The development of the romance wasn’t natural and felt a little too fast for one of the characters -2

Actors to note for:

  1. Horikita Maki (’88) is most known for being in Nobuta wo Produce, Kurosagi, and Hana Kimi.
  2. Kaname Jun (’81) was in Ryusei no Kizuna and is extremely hot in this drama.
  3. Mukai Osamu (’82) was in Seigi no Mikata, Mei-chan no Shitsuji, and Scrap Teacher. He’s the hottest in this drama though. ❤
  4. Seto Koji (’88) was in the drama Koizora. He’s soooo cute in this drama.

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