Recommended Dramas/Movies/TV Shows

July 1, 2009

So I’m thinking about maybe writing episodes summaries for dramas that I’ll be watching. Even though episode summaries totally spoil everything, for people who don’t have time to watch through the episode or want to rewatch their favorite parts but don’t know which ep, I think episode summaries are useful.

Anyway BEFORE I even start on doing that, I figure I should compile a nice page of awesome dramas/movies/TV shows for everyone. Although I have to admit, some of the stuff isn’t THAT great. I’m sort of more of keeping a list of all the dramas I have ever watched. XD

I’m not sure if anyone else knows but since YouTube is cracking down on videos and more and more people are sharing but requesting to have thier subbed videos not put up on video sharing sites, it’s harder to find videos in general. I linked out to some LJs that share the videos on the page. But I”m thinking that I’ll start having spotlights. I highly doubt anyone who stumbles upon this blog even look at my blogroll which has a lot of useful sites.


basically meaning…

COMING SOON: episode summaries, website spotlights, music spotlights (which I’ve sorta already done), actor spotlights (I might turn them into pages but I highly doubt it.. that’ll be too much.. besides I think my pages should be reserved for HSJ and lists)

So look forward! (except not too forward because it really depends on how much time I spend. loooool… )


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