JE Relationship Chart

June 24, 2009

Huh. About time someone put together a chart recording all the rumored past relationships with JE ppl. lol. Although I have to say.. some of it is really weird but you be the judge.

Johnnyshos’s chart. It’s an updated version of the one that Uwasako found.

Pretty interesting. I didn’t even know about some of these rumored relationships. Then again I didn’t join the JE fandom until end of 2007 or beginning of 2008? (well technically I became a fan of Matsujun’s before that after watching Gokusen but I didn’t become a hardcore fan til HSJ was formed)

Anyway for those that are new to the JE fandom world and are curious about past rumors/gfs of JE Jumisho, I’ll say that those charts are a good first step.


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