Fav parts of HSJ Concert DVD <3

May 16, 2009

okay, am I the only one, but was Hikaru acting like a girl, the best part of the concert ever?! XD XD 

Oh and you know the part when he said that the baby photo was the person sitting in B46 in the Yokohama arena. XD. You think it’s a random number he made up or he actually had a friend there? or did some fangirl send him a letter saying that was her seat? XD XD

ooOOOooo the possibilities ❤

Anwyay, I really liked the part when YabuHika were playing on their acoustic guitars for Star Time. ❤

sigh~ Hikaru..


the recent translation in Potato. XD HikaInoo ❤

“Inoo: that’s right. The last one is in Sendai, and that’s good.

Morimoto: That’s Hikaru-kun’s hometown.

Inoo: Yes. I want to see what kind of town Hikaru-kun grew up in.

Yaotome: … that sounds like a comment a girlfriend would make (laughs). “



yeah okay, back to studying for finals. XD


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