Aozorafantasii is awesome <3

May 16, 2009

A lot of people have been talking about the english version of Replay, so I decided to check it out. Lisa is awesome. I really like her voice. And to think how asian music fandom and soompi managed to get someone interested in music so much that they started writing their own songs! Not only that but since she takes Japanese, she has a lot of songs in japanese as well as English.

Listening to her, makes me wonder if I should take Japanese or Chinese next year…. It also makes me wonder if companies would notice her.. Truthfully, I don’ t know if I WANT to have companies notice her since they might conform Lisa and her songs will lose the heart that she put into the lyrics… Although the plus side is that she’ll get awesome promotions and MVs. Reminds me of YUI sometimes..

Anyway after listening to her songs, I really want to make an album booklet for her, which I think I will in a couple weeks after school gets out. She gets out around the same time too so I’m sure she’ll be more active during the summer. Maybe I’ll go contact her~ It’ll be awesome if she was a bay area native too. ❤

Anyway check her out!

Anwyay.. the wonder of Youtube and the internet ❤ lol..

You should download them too! They’re at her wordpress. Awesome music. ❤ If I was majoring in FAV, I would totally make a MV for her songs ❤


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